Moving Your Security System With You

If you’re moving home and aren’t sure what to do about your security products, then allow us show you how easy it is to relocate and reconfigure a system for your new property.  We move systems for our customers all the time and it’s often a surprise to them how efficient it is to relocate… Read more »

Hidden Camera Hurdles

Data protection laws apply to recording footage of people in public places, and places where they reasonably have a right to privacy.  For example, a council could install CCTV outside a public toilet, but not inside one.  Homeowners can install CCTV outside their home, but may only record goings on within their own property boundaries. … Read more »

Burglary In Progress – What To Do

It’s at the top of everyone’s fear list – you’re witnessing a burglary taking place next door, somewhere else on your street or even in your own home.  When confronted with a crime in progress we often don’t know what to do, and the adrenaline can cause us to make bad decisions.  It’s easy to… Read more »

Bungling Burglars – Strange But True Break-Ins

Whether you are a home or business owner it is normal to be worried of a break in, or scared of possibly confronting a burglar in the dead of night.  That’s why we take measures like installing burglar alarms, motion sensitive lighting and CCTV to capture evidence should the worst happen, to reduce the risk… Read more »

Preventing Car Crime

There are lots of different crimes that can be committed in, with or to cars and other vehicles, so while we may think of car crime as stealing a car, there are other types of criminal acts to consider.  Theft from vehicles is a crime that can happen in an instant and is often committed… Read more »

The Physical Aspects Of Cyber-Security

The world of business today relies on IT to function.  Everything, from till systems to security products, are linked up and connected to the internet or a local network and with this connectivity comes a higher level of risk.  It is becoming increasingly common for IT issues to cause global havoc, such as the incident… Read more »

The Cost Of Living Crisis And Crime

The Assistant Police & Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands, Tom McNeil, has issued a stark warning about the effects of the cost of living crisis on crime rates.  His comments came after Boris Johnson admitted than families are facing tough choices between heating and eating, and he explains what types of crime are likely… Read more »

Beware Of Shed Thieves

If you have outbuildings or a shed and somebody asked you how much the insurance value of the contents would be, you probably couldn’t answer right away.  You’d have to go in, look around and tot up the replacement value of each item, and then be surprised when the total runs into the thousands (or… Read more »

Keeping Older Relatives Safe

With the care sector stretched thinly and the price of these services rising in line with the cost of living, many people are choosing to provide care and support to elderly or infirm relatives themselves due to the costs involved.  For some people, providing care themselves is a tradition, while other people prefer to move… Read more »

Spring Cleaning And Security Upgrades

It’s spring cleaning time, and while it isn’t the most enjoyable project it can make a big difference to your home security.  There is also a security aspect to one of the joyful aspects of this time of year, so balance can be achieved between the mundane and the exciting. Spring cleaning isn’t just an… Read more »