Complex Security Requirements? No Problem

Some business have quite complex security requirements; a hospital, government building or other sensitive premises will have wide ranging access control needs to ensure only authorised personnel can access medication stores, intensive care and maternity units, server rooms or confidential archives. The systems which control access to certain areas are also the same systems which… Read more »

Can You Hear Your Smoke Alarm? We Can!

Every home should have more than one smoke alarm – official advice recommends having at least one on each floor plus one in each bedroom, although many people just have one on each floor. When placing your smoke alarms it’s vital that they are in the right place so they are triggered when they should… Read more »

How Do Burglars Work?

Professional burglars can be quite educated in the signs of a good home to target, how to work out the best time to strike and also the best, most inconspicuous access routes in and around the building. They research their targets through several methods, often starting online, where people foolishly share details of their upcoming… Read more »

Getting The Family Involved In Home Security

When you have a busy family keeping on top of home security can be difficult, especially when you have family members coming and going at all hours and changing plans with very little notice. Making sure the doors are locked and your burglar alarm is set can be quite a challenge and even more so… Read more »

Can you Break into Your own Home?

If you’ve ever locked yourself out you’ll know whether you can break into your own home, and if so you will probably have taken steps to prevent the same thing happening again, especially if that escapade resulted in a costly emergency locksmith call out. Perhaps you’ve hidden a key somewhere outside, like under the doormat… Read more »

Home Security For Your Little Ones

Babies, toddlers and young children aren’t able to do much in the way of home security, but they do pose an extra security risk for parents who may get easily distracted when getting ready to go out or while cooking. It’s very easy to be getting together the car seat, pram, nappy bag, spare clothes… Read more »

Eight No-Fuss Steps to Improve your Business Security

Keeping your business premises safe is almost as important as getting the customers through the door – if your stock gets stolen overnight you could have all the customers in the world, but if you’re unable to fulfil their needs they will shop elsewhere. Most businesses have a burglar alarm, and it’s actually a requirement… Read more »

Locked out of your own alarm system?

At P&R Alarms we pride ourselves on customer service and doing the best we can for all our clients, both domestic and commercial. It’s this approach and attitude than helps us retain our NSI Gold standard certification, as customer service features strongly in the accreditation. It really gets our goat, then, when we hear about… Read more »

How to keep your pets as safe as your home

Our pets are part of the family, so we should take the same care to keep them safe and healthy as we do with the human members of our clans. The most obvious thing to do is to have a collar with your details on for cats and dogs, as well as a microchip. Collars… Read more »