How Security Systems Help Improve Customer Retail Experience

The statistics around how many people would shop elsewhere or do business with a competitor after a bad experience vary greatly, with the percentage ranging from 65% to 96%.  What is clear is that well over half of customers would leave a store or brand for a competitor if they had a bad experience.  A… Read more »

Can AI Replace Human CCTV Monitoring?

The ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be applied to real life seem endless.  There are many concerns about AI which are being discussed and addressed at a high level, but in terms of real world applications. Many individuals are concerned about whether their job is at risk.  Similar questions have cropped up throughout… Read more »

CCTV Captures Its Own Thief

This is the story of a thief who experienced a beautiful dose of karmic retribution.  Now, your average criminal isn’t the most intelligent of people, otherwise they wouldn’t resort to crimes that doesn’t pay (in this case especially) and will land them in prison at some point.  This Oldham burglar, out stealing CCTV cameras, really… Read more »

Keep Your Cameras Insect Free

Insects and spiders on your home security cameras can be a real pest, if you’ll excuse the pun.  It’s not worth calling actual pest control experts out for though, unless you’ve got a wasp’s nest around your cameras, or an infestation of dangerous spiders.  In most cases you, the homeowner, can tackle the problem yourself… Read more »

Hidden Camera Hurdles

Data protection laws apply to recording footage of people in public places, and places where they reasonably have a right to privacy.  For example, a council could install CCTV outside a public toilet, but not inside one.  Homeowners can install CCTV outside their home, but may only record goings on within their own property boundaries. … Read more »

Security Products Show You What You’re Missing

Just a few years ago domestic CCTV wasn’t something that everyone had access to.  The cost of CCTV devices has come down a lot, which has resulted in an increase in sales of standalone items like video doorbells or car dashcams. This means that a lot more of us now has access to video and/or… Read more »

CCTV Tips For Businesses

Covering your premises with a CCTV system is part and parcel of running a business.  Some people may want to cut corners and costs by eschewing a surveillance system, but if their premises is then vandalised or burgled they’ll wish they had some evidence of the perpetrators to hand over to the police.  A CCTV… Read more »

Off-The-Shelf Or Bespoke?

Given the choice between a pair of shoes made specifically to the measurements of your feet, or a pair of cheap shoes from a market stall, we’d all prefer the bespoke option if cost wasn’t an issue. The fact is though, that cost does matter and it is one of the major factors in making… Read more »

How CCTV Can Help Make Your Workplace Covid Secure

As businesses open back up and life starts to resemble something akin to normality there’s a real focus on Covid security, but there’s no alarm for a virus. Businesses need to work out how to turn security products to their advantage, so they can still operate under the restrictions and prove that they are acting… Read more »

Does it matter where my CCTV cameras are?

Where you position your CCTV cameras is the second most important thing to consider, runner up only to the type of camera system you use. For commercial clients there is a data protection issue to contend with, as the presence of CCTV must be clearly displayed, and thanks to the new rules on data protection,… Read more »