The Most Prevalent Crimes Against Businesses – And How To Prevent Them

The data released by The Home Office for crimes against businesses in 2018 make for interesting reading.  The statistics are split across different business areas, including retail and wholesale, accommodation and hospitality, and agriculture, forestry and fishing.  As you might expect, each sector experiences different types of crime, but one which affects all businesses is… Read more »

Is The Cost Of An Alarm System Really Worth It?

At a time when many of us have suffered a reduction in salary, it’s natural that we are more cautious about spending money than in times when the economy is booming.  The cost of home security products, when weighed up against the cost of school uniforms, food and utilities, may seem like a misuse of… Read more »

National Home Security Month

October is National Home Security Month (NHSM).  This was first launched in 2013 and since then has taken place in October every year.  NHSM offers support, information and advice on how to keep your property secure. For each week there is a different theme designed to alert homeowners, and renters alike, to the common pitfalls… Read more »

How To Turn Your Employees Into Your Best Security Assets

We can design and install a bespoke, high end security system incorporating smoke alarms, CCTV and access control, but if your staff aren’t on board with it, and they don’t understand why it’s important to use it properly, you’re fighting a losing battle against crime, natural disasters or acts of God.  Your security system can… Read more »

Top Security Considerations When On Holiday

This summer was very different from the normal experience.  Although there are air bridges in place for tourists (so they don’t have to quarantine themselves after returning from holiday), many people will be avoiding an overseas holiday this year due to the pandemic and also for cost reasons.  More of us did holiday in the… Read more »

Is Your Smoke Alarm Just For Show?

You may be surprised to know that when we visit our customers’ homes to carry out routine maintenance and service on their intruder alarm systems, one of the most common sights we see is a smoke detector with the cover off and no battery in it.  Often what happens is that people take the battery… Read more »

Preventing Car Theft At Home And Away

The safest place to keep your car is a locked garage, and this is reflected in the premiums you pay for your car insurance, which go down as the security of your overnight car location goes up.  A driveway is also safer than parking on the road, even more so if you have CCTV that… Read more »

Been burgled? Here’s why you should install an alarm now

If you have been burgled you’ll know that the aftermath is wide ranging and affects you in many ways.  There’s the insurance claim, the replacement of vital items before any compensation comes through, the practicalities of tidying up and dealing with the emotional element that comes with having your privacy invaded.  There’s also the matter… Read more »

The Top Causes Of False Alarms At Business Premises

Every business premises needs an intruder alarm and it is often required by an insurance company before they will provide cover. Most businesses are empty overnight and on days they are closed, this presents the perfect opportunity for a break in. Premises located on industrial estates can be even more vulnerable due to the absence… Read more »

Monitored Response Fire Alarms

Everyone knows a working fire alarm is a vitally important bit of kit. Businesses and rented properties are required by law to have working, regularly serviced fire and smoke detection systems, with many of these having sprinkler systems installed as a first line of defence against fires. Domestic homes should also have working, regularly checked… Read more »