Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems FAQs – Get Answers Here

A working smoke and fire alarm system is a legal requirement of a business premises, and often a requirement of domestic insurance policies. Whether it’s enforceable in law or not, having a fire and smoke alarm is highly advisable in domestic and commercial properties alike. If you’re not sure what your obligations are, or how… Read more »

Latest Crime Figures For The West Midlands, Spring 2020

The crime figures for the first four months of 2020 paint a very different picture when compared to the same period the year before, and even across the four months there is a significant decrease in nearly all types of crime. In January there were 2,328 burglaries, but in April just 1,372 were reported –… Read more »

How CCTV Can Help Make Your Workplace Covid Secure

As businesses open back up and life starts to resemble something akin to normality there’s a real focus on Covid security, but there’s no alarm for a virus. Businesses need to work out how to turn security products to their advantage, so they can still operate under the restrictions and prove that they are acting… Read more »

Keep Your Shed As Safe As Houses

Your shed has probably been one of the places you’ve been glad to spend some time during lockdown. Every shed needs a tidy up now and then, and you’ll uncover all sorts of things you thought you’d lost or thrown away. It’s also a place for storage, a workshop set up and even for laundry… Read more »

Access Control For Post-Lockdown Safe Working

With news that businesses can re-open if they can follow government advice, many business owners and employers are working out how they can best balance health and safety with the operation of their business. This will be different for each company and industry, but one thing that seems clear is that to stick with the… Read more »

How Post-Lockdown Working Arrangements Affect Your Security

When business open again there will need to be some big changes in the way things are done. There has been a lot of speculation about how this will happen and what businesses will need to do in order to keep their staff and customers safe – some businesses may not be able to open… Read more »

Returning To Your Premises After Lockdown – A Simple Checklist

Some businesses may be able to open now, while others have to remain closed due to the nature of their function – maintaining social distancing in a hair salon, for example, will be more difficult than enforcing this rule in a hardware shop. For many business owners it will be strange to return to their… Read more »

Building A Local Network Helps Fight Crime

If there’s one positive thing to arise from the country battling to minimize the coronavirus, it’s the way in which communities have come together to provide care and essential services for the most vulnerable members of society. Many of us will have made new social contacts, despite social distancing rules by providing support for our… Read more »

It’s a lovely day, let’s keep it that way

As I write this the sun is shining and soon I’ll be out enjoying the beautiful weather. There’s always a bit of gardening to do – even when you’re on top of it the weeds seem to spring back up overnight. Armed with a trowel, fork and collapsible garden waste carrier I’ll be out there… Read more »

Will Crime Rates Skyrocket After The Lockdown Ends?

At the time of writing the UK is in a lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus. Reports from police forces across the country show that there has been a 21% reduction in crime compared to the same period last year. With everyone having to stay at home there are very few opportunities for burglars… Read more »