How do burglars actually get in?

Home and business owners can take all the precautions necessary to avoid being burgled, but unfortunately some determined criminals still gain access to your premises if the timing is right. The stereotypical burglary tools are a crowbar and screwdriver, both of which can be used to pry open a door or a window, and being… Read more »

The Surprising Weak Spot in Many Homes

Many new build homes have a security flaw built in that most people don’t think about – the garage. Having a garage is very desirable and even if you don’t use it for car parking, it’s a valuable asset to any home for storage. Increasingly, people are using their garages as utility rooms, housing a… Read more »

What monitored services provide for businesses

Any business that holds stock needs to keep it safe from theft and environmental damage. This can be easier said than done, however, as quite often warehouse or other storage facilities are located out of a town centre and in a location that is usually deserted overnight and at weekends. This lack of activity in… Read more »

Lone workers and security arrangements

Any business with lone workers needs to have procedures in place to protect employee health and safety. This is especially important if the job role requires any potentially risky tasks, such as using a ladder, using power tools or working with livestock. Even without these additional risks, there is a safety consideration for lone workers… Read more »

Are you getting the best monitoring service?

Many customers of the now defunct Force3 security company have sought out alternative monitoring contracts for their security devices, after the news broke that their monitoring provider would no longer be supporting their client base. Finding a reliable monitoring provider is never an easy task to undertake and it is made harder by the short… Read more »

Security for rental properties – what can I do?

Rental properties are more likely to be targeted by burglars than owner-occupied homes, and this is largely due to the fact that neither landlord nor tenant has much of an incentive to invest in security beyond the basics of insurance approved door and window locks. Security lighting may have been installed, but generally speaking burglar… Read more »

Are dogs really good for home protection?

A survey of ex-offenders carried out by Co-op Insurance found that the second best deterrent for burglars looking to enter a home was the sound of a dog barking. Anyone with pets knows that it’s often the smaller dogs that make the most noise, and given that it’s the noise that puts thieves off any… Read more »

A brief history of crime and punishment

Since the start of human history theft has been a problem in society, from stealing food, clothes or other assets in ancient civilisations to the sophisticated cyber-fraud that happens today; there will always be someone who wants what other people have, and who will stoop to any depth to obtain it. Today, most theft is… Read more »

Which Types of Crime are Most Prevalent in the Summer?

It’s well known that most types of crime increase in the summer. Studies from around the world have shown a positive correlation between the temperature and reports of crime, with a 1°C increase in temperature leading to a 1.3% increase in crime. Scientists have looked at the reasons for this increase and think that the… Read more »

Video doorbells – good idea or potential weakness?

Video doorbells are the latest home security trend and can be a valuable addition to your home if you are frequently away from home or have a lot of deliveries. The video doorbell could be considered to be a form of access control – similar set ups have existed for apartment blocks for years but… Read more »