Who Still Has Access To Your Premises?

If you’re the victim of a burglary one of the questions the police will ask you is “who has access to the premises?”  In cases where it is clear that access to your building was gained through someone having a key, the police will need to question everyone with a key; they may ask about… Read more »

Been Locked Out?

Have you ever been locked out of your house?  It happens to hundreds of people every day and it’s easy to see how it happens; distractions like kids, chatting to the neighbours and packing the car for a trip out can all make you forget you’ve left your keys in the house when you close… Read more »

Managing Visitors With Access Control

Access control systems, used in conjunction with other security products such as CCTV cameras over the entrances and reception areas, can help you manage a flow of visitors to your premises.  Now that businesses must be Covid secure it is even more important to keep accurate records of who has visited and where they have… Read more »

Landlords – Forget Changing The Locks

Owners and managers of apartment blocks face a particular challenge when it comes to security management.  In a standard apartment block there will be a key for the main front door, a key for the apartment door, and often a key for the back door or bin storage area.  When a tenant leaves and doesn’t… Read more »

An Easier Life With Access Control

We know we can expect delays on imported goods after Brexit, as issues at ports have already caused shortages of car parts and other essential items.  The just-in-time delivery method that all businesses base their orders on requires a seamless flow of goods across borders; without that businesses are going to struggle to get deliveries… Read more »

Invest In Access Control

In these uncertain times businesses face a lot of upheaval and new regulations in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus.  The NHS contact tracing app is a form of access control, in that entry to a premise is contingent on providing contact details.  This data is then used to know who was present… Read more »

Access Control For Post-Lockdown Safe Working

With news that businesses can re-open if they can follow government advice, many business owners and employers are working out how they can best balance health and safety with the operation of their business. This will be different for each company and industry, but one thing that seems clear is that to stick with the… Read more »

Never Heard Of Access Control? Here’s What You Need To Know

Access control is the practice of defining and restricting access to physical buildings, or even virtual data, by drawing up protocol that allows the right people to access what they need, whilst at the same time keeping out staff who are unauthorised to enter rooms or servers that contain sensitive material and should only be… Read more »

What do I need from an access control system?

Many businesses put off spending the money on an access control system, believing they can make do with traditional keys and written security protocols that employees are expected to follow, but in reality we know that there will always be employees who break the rules. Having a lot of keys on a key-ring can lead… Read more »

Should I upgrade my access control system?

Businesses using access control systems may find they need to upgrade their system for more efficient functioning and a higher level of security, but when is the right time to carry out an upgrade? Every business will be different as seasonal demands can affect when the premises is least used and therefore a good time… Read more »