Commercial Services

When good advice matters P & R Alarms Ltd can help you with all your commercial and industrial security requirements.

P&R Alarms have been trading since 1983 and have installed in all kinds of commercial properties, from small offices and shops to large industrial and commercial sites. We can design and install any type of security system to suit your business security requirements. Whether it’s a simple audible only system, a fully monitored intruder alarm system with Police response or 24 hour CCTV surveillance and off site monitoring, we have the solution for you.

 We can provide:

  • Internal or external intruder detection Police response to intrudersPTZCamera_Angle_Profile
  • Stand alone CCTV Monitored CCTV with audible warnings from an operator and Police Response warnings
  • Fire detection with monitoring for Fire Brigade response
  • Access control for public & staff areas
  • Existing systems can be repaired and upgraded
  • Maintenance contracts on new and existing systems
  • SmokeCloak – fog and smoke generators – what they can’t see they can’t steal!
  • Intolerable sound emitters that produce unbearable audio up to 125 Decibels
  • Add control via your smart phone/tablet with push notifications and a cloud hosted solution Add-ons including: carbon monoxide detection, flood detection, environmental, fire alarm and process monitoring


Full Compliance with your insurers needs Our commercial and business security installations conform to the latest European Standards and are fully certificated to prove that they meet industry requirements. Most insurers insist on 24 hour monitored systems. Being insurance and Police recognised means that we can offer cost-effective alarm monitoring and support. We use a NSI NACOSS Gold Approved fully manned alarm-monitoring centre who ensure there is always someone available to deal with any activation of your system, either by contacting the key holders or generating an emergency services response where necessary and appropriate.

Industry leading standards

P&R Alarms offer BT RedCARE and BT RedCARE GSM and DualCom GPRS; dual path signalling options which are fast becoming a basic insurance requirement; call us now for details on the options available to you and benefits of each service.

Monitoring isn’t just restricted to intruder alarms. Our 24 hour CCTV monitoring can be cost-effective, especially when compared to traditional manned guarding services and ensures that there is always someone watching. We can also monitor environmental systems and critical systems at your premises to ensure that if something goes wrong someone knows about it.

NSI has provided certification services for over 40 years and is widely recognised by consumers, specifiers, police and insurers as the badge they can trust. NSI approval is only given to those companies that are able to consistently meet exacting standards. Find out more

Maintaining new and existing systems

We can maintain, repair and upgrade existing security systems and provide you with 24 hour support.

Emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day as we understand that if your system fails, delays can be costly and pose a risk. If we need to make a site visit we aim to be with maintained customers within 4 hours, but a recent review revealed our average response time to be less than an hour. We carry out frequent audits of our systems and staff to ensure that we continue have appropriate trained and qualified staff to hand when you need them, as our business grows.

Header_WhyTexecomOur commercial clients include; head quarters, supermarkets, storage facilities, retail stores, plant hire, office complexes, car retailers and petrol stations to name a few. Our commercial customers have a varied range of security needs and we provide the solutions they need.

We would be happy to provide you with the efficient and professional services these customers have been receiving since 1983.

What next?

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