Would You Invite A Burglar In?

You might think we’re talking about distraction burglaries, where one or more burglars work to gain access to your home through the front door, distracting you with a question or posing as a legitimate visitor (perhaps to read the meter), while they and/or their accomplice rob you.  Distraction burglaries are a real problem, as it… Read more »

Dark Nights – Remember Your Lights

Who remembers this road safety campaign?  You might have seen it on roadside signs, in the toilets at motorway services and in the print media.  Although it’s an older safety campaign the message is still very relevant today, and not just for road safety. Good lighting around the home is often an afterthought, especially as… Read more »

Home Security Tips For Halloween And Bonfire Night

Our autumn festivals might still look a bit different this year – although Covid restrictions have been lifted, we still have to be very mindful.  This means that there will be fewer fireworks displays and bonfires and these will more than likely be a much smaller, family-oriented affair.  Halloween will also look a bit different… Read more »

The Lights Are On, Is Anybody Home?

A light on in a house is an instant sign that someone is at home.  It’s because of this that we set lights on timers when we’re going away, so that a passing burglar will assume the house isn’t empty and will move on to the next one.  With the rise of smart homes and… Read more »

Can You Afford To Replace…

…the items that you keep in your shed, outbuilding or garden?  While many home contents insurance policies cover other structures within your property boundary, it is worth checking the small print for details of what will be covered if it is stolen from your shed or garden.  Each policy will be slightly different, and you… Read more »

Setting Up A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Home security isn’t an easy business.  Keeping your house and family safe isn’t a one-time action or a specific product, it’s a combination of this plus vigilance and keeping a finger on the pulse for new ways to ensure your home is safe from intruders.  We’re the experts in security products from alarm systems to… Read more »

Two Ways To Upgrade Your Window Locks

The integrity of your windows is often overlooked when tightening up your threshold, but it can make a big difference to the strength of your overall home security.  Windows are a favourite method of entry for burglars; homeowners will often replace unfit doors for more secure options, but forget that the windows are also just… Read more »

What Can We Learn From Home Alone?

Christmas may be a distant memory now, but the festive classic Home Alone films stick in the memory for a while, especially when you’re in the business of security and defeating intruders.  Watching those films through our expert eyes throws up a few things many people miss, such as the fact the whole first film… Read more »

We’ve Bought Our First Home, What Now?

Congratulations!  Getting on the property ladder is a big life event and one which can be incredibly stressful.  The last thing you want when you’re settling into a new house and a new area is to be burgled, adding more stress to your life and also taking the shine off making your new house a… Read more »

Our Top Tips For Window Security

When we leave our homes the last thing we do is shut and lock the front door; it’s also the way we get back into the house when we return, so we can be forgiven for thinking that the security of our doors is the most important part of keeping our homes safe.  It is… Read more »