Been burgled? Here’s why you should install an alarm now

If you have been burgled you’ll know that the aftermath is wide ranging and affects you in many ways.  There’s the insurance claim, the replacement of vital items before any compensation comes through, the practicalities of tidying up and dealing with the emotional element that comes with having your privacy invaded.  There’s also the matter… Read more »

The Top Causes Of False Alarms At Business Premises

Every business premises needs an intruder alarm and it is often required by an insurance company before they will provide cover. Most businesses are empty overnight and on days they are closed, this presents the perfect opportunity for a break in. Premises located on industrial estates can be even more vulnerable due to the absence… Read more »

Monitored Response Fire Alarms

Everyone knows a working fire alarm is a vitally important bit of kit. Businesses and rented properties are required by law to have working, regularly serviced fire and smoke detection systems, with many of these having sprinkler systems installed as a first line of defence against fires. Domestic homes should also have working, regularly checked… Read more »

Managing Multi-Site Security With Ease

We work with a variety of clients, from domestic customers looking to tighten up their home security, to large, multi-site businesses like retail chains, distributors and healthcare providers. Although the aim is the same – to keep the premises and the people who live or work there safe, the means can be very different. A… Read more »

Is It Time For Your Intruder Alarm Service?

With most of us staying at home for months at a time this year, it’s easy to overlook your intruder alarm service. It may be the case that you haven’t even set it since March if there has always been someone at home, and we can easily fall into the trap of forgetting we have… Read more »

Do You Know A Burglar? You May Be Surprised

The statistics on burglaries can throw up some interesting facts, including this little nugget on whether the perpetrator was known to the victim. In 51% of burglaries the thief was a stranger, but in 49% the victim was an acquaintance of, or well known to the perpetrator. In fact, 31% of burglaries are committed by… Read more »

Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems FAQs – Get Answers Here

A working smoke and fire alarm system is a legal requirement of a business premises, and often a requirement of domestic insurance policies. Whether it’s enforceable in law or not, having a fire and smoke alarm is highly advisable in domestic and commercial properties alike. If you’re not sure what your obligations are, or how… Read more »

Latest Crime Figures For The West Midlands, Spring 2020

The crime figures for the first four months of 2020 paint a very different picture when compared to the same period the year before, and even across the four months there is a significant decrease in nearly all types of crime. In January there were 2,328 burglaries, but in April just 1,372 were reported –… Read more »

How CCTV Can Help Make Your Workplace Covid Secure

As businesses open back up and life starts to resemble something akin to normality there’s a real focus on Covid security, but there’s no alarm for a virus. Businesses need to work out how to turn security products to their advantage, so they can still operate under the restrictions and prove that they are acting… Read more »

Keep Your Shed As Safe As Houses

Your shed has probably been one of the places you’ve been glad to spend some time during lockdown. Every shed needs a tidy up now and then, and you’ll uncover all sorts of things you thought you’d lost or thrown away. It’s also a place for storage, a workshop set up and even for laundry… Read more »