Building A Local Network Helps Fight Crime

If there’s one positive thing to arise from the country battling to minimize the coronavirus, it’s the way in which communities have come together to provide care and essential services for the most vulnerable members of society. Many of us will have made new social contacts, despite social distancing rules by providing support for our… Read more »

It’s a lovely day, let’s keep it that way

As I write this the sun is shining and soon I’ll be out enjoying the beautiful weather. There’s always a bit of gardening to do – even when you’re on top of it the weeds seem to spring back up overnight. Armed with a trowel, fork and collapsible garden waste carrier I’ll be out there… Read more »

Will Crime Rates Skyrocket After The Lockdown Ends?

At the time of writing the UK is in a lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus. Reports from police forces across the country show that there has been a 21% reduction in crime compared to the same period last year. With everyone having to stay at home there are very few opportunities for burglars… Read more »

What Can We Learn From The Lockdown That We Can Use In The Future?

The lockdown period in the UK shows no signs of being lifted or eased at the time of writing, and looking at the experiences of other countries we can expect to have some measures in place for a long time. We will adapt and get used to living with these changes, but when the lockdown… Read more »

If You Could Have Anything Protecting Your Home What Would It Be?

Long before sophisticated burglar alarms were readily available, humans have been protecting their territory in other ways. Fortifications have been used for millennia, to keep out unwanted guests and to show would-be intruders that you mean business, and animals have also played a part in protection. Dogs have been used by humans as guard animals… Read more »

The Biggest Thefts – And How They Could Have Been Foiled

One of the biggest thefts in recent history is the Hatton Garden raid in 2015 – it is often described as the biggest burglary in English legal history. The theft was carried out by a gang of retired and elderly men, who devised a plan to enter the building and get to the safe deposit… Read more »

New Business? Let Us Keep You Secure While You Get Started

When you’re setting up a new business there is so much to think about. Your product or service is paramount, but you need premises, equipment and marketing, together with accountancy services, payroll administration and much more – the list is seemingly endless. You also need insurance and security arrangements and the two often go hand… Read more »

What Is The Best Intruder Alarm System?

What makes an alarm system the best one is not just the price, the manufacturer or whether it uses the latest technology. There is a lot more that goes into an alarm system and in fact there is no single alarm system that can rightfully be called “The Best” because each system and each family… Read more »

Never Heard Of Access Control? Here’s What You Need To Know

Access control is the practice of defining and restricting access to physical buildings, or even virtual data, by drawing up protocol that allows the right people to access what they need, whilst at the same time keeping out staff who are unauthorised to enter rooms or servers that contain sensitive material and should only be… Read more »