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Power Cut Security

Those of us who remember the frequent power cuts of the 1980s, will have had a lot of sympathy for the thousands of people left without power for up to a week after Storm Arwen battered the country in late 2021.  Restoring power to the more remote communities was challenging enough, but when Storm Barra… Read more »

Save Money On Your Home Insurance

hands presenting a small model of a house

Who doesn’t want to save money?  The answer: no-one.  We all want to save money where we can, either to bring our outgoings in line with our income, or to save for a big item like a car or a house deposit.  Some ways of saving money are obvious – take a packed lunch to… Read more »

How To Avoid False Alarms

False alarms can be a major annoyance to premises owners (whether that’s your home or your business) and to the emergency services who may be enlisted to respond when your alarm system is triggered.  There are various set ups for intruder alarms, including the option for the police to be dispatched immediately when the alarm… Read more »

Fairytale of New Cameras

Christmas is a peak time for burglars, and with fewer homes vacant over the festive period this year it’s likely they’ll take bigger risks than in the past.  Occupation is one of the biggest deterrents there is, but when you pop out for a Boxing Day stroll with the family it’s the perfect time for… Read more »

Is The Cost Of An Alarm System Really Worth It?

At a time when many of us have suffered a reduction in salary, it’s natural that we are more cautious about spending money than in times when the economy is booming.  The cost of home security products, when weighed up against the cost of school uniforms, food and utilities, may seem like a misuse of… Read more »

New Business? Let Us Keep You Secure While You Get Started

When you’re setting up a new business there is so much to think about. Your product or service is paramount, but you need premises, equipment and marketing, together with accountancy services, payroll administration and much more – the list is seemingly endless. You also need insurance and security arrangements and the two often go hand… Read more »

What Is The Best Intruder Alarm System?

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What makes an alarm system the best one is not just the price, the manufacturer or whether it uses the latest technology. There is a lot more that goes into an alarm system and in fact there is no single alarm system that can rightfully be called “The Best” because each system and each family… Read more »

How to keep your pets as safe as your home

Our pets are part of the family, so we should take the same care to keep them safe and healthy as we do with the human members of our clans. The most obvious thing to do is to have a collar with your details on for cats and dogs, as well as a microchip. Collars… Read more »

Security apps give you peace of mind on the move

Modern life can be busy and demanding, and we now have so many things to remember daily that security is often taken for granted – we shut and lock the front door and move on to the next thing. What happens if, in a hurry, we forget to set the alarm, or we get to… Read more »

When was your last alarm system maintenance check?

As an alarm system owner you may be wondering how often you should get your alarm system serviced.  If you don’t set it every day it might be tempting to skip a scheduled service, but the frequency with which you use your intruder alarm does not affect the maintenance schedule; it’s not like a car… Read more »