New Business? Let Us Keep You Secure While You Get Started

When you’re setting up a new business there is so much to think about. Your product or service is paramount, but you need premises, equipment and marketing, together with accountancy services, payroll administration and much more – the list is seemingly endless. You also need insurance and security arrangements and the two often go hand in hand for a new business. It is best to address these two matters together because your insurance premiums may hinge on your security arrangements; so it makes sense to view them as a single project.

Every business will be different. Someone selling products door to door or through an in-home party model might not need a lot of space to store items, but then again a lockable garage or even an outbuilding will help keep your home uncluttered by business items. It’s important to make these locations secure because a loss of stock could be very costly and will require an insurance claim. If the underwriter feels that security was too lax they may refuse to pay out. CCTV is one way of protecting these locations, and an intruder alarm is also a great idea to deter and scare off potential burglars.

Mobile businesses require a vehicle to operate from and in many cases the business equipment stays inside the vehicle, for example bin washing or pet grooming businesses. Even tradespeople use their vehicles as storage for tools and materials, so the security of that vehicle is incredibly important for the success of the business. CCTV can be installed if you park on your drive or on the street directly outside your house, and it is best to fit an alarm system to the vehicle itself.

Retail stores or food outlets on a high street could be a target for vandals and thieves, so again CCTV is important as a deterrent and also as a means of capturing evidence should a crime occur. Most business insurers will insist on an alarm being fitted at the premises, so get in touch with us to see what’s available. Even older properties where the landlord won’t allow many changes or where the building is listed and has restrictions can have alarms fitted by using wireless technology to minimise cables, so we have options for all types of premises.

If you’re starting a new business make sure you get off to a sound start by getting your security arrangements covered with P&R Alarms, a family run local business who understands you.