Will a burglar alarm stop my home from being targeted?

This is a common question, but one which isn’t easy to answer. There are a number of factors which can make your home an unattractive target for burglars, and a burglar alarm is one of them. An alarm is a visible part of a security system, so a clean and well-maintained alarm box does serve as a sign that security might be tight. CCTV cameras are a great complement to an alarm system, as they serve as yet another indicator that security is taken care of.

A study by Co-op Insurance revealed that CCTV cameras are the number one deterrent against burglars. Burglars and ex-offenders were surveyed about what puts them off targeting a home, and 89% said that a smart connected home (that is, one with cameras, lighting control and an alarm system accessible via smartphone) would be off putting. Just under half of those surveyed said that as most burglars are opportunists they would be deterred by a house that would be tricky to break in to undetected, and where they are likely to be caught on camera.

If you have a burglar alarm it is important to set it every time you leave the house. Many people don’t set it if they are only popping to the shop, and if a thief is watching your house, this is a good advert that now is the time to break in. The most effective alarm systems are those which are monitored and which have CCTV to provide video footage. An alarm with a monitored response, like the systems we provide, means the police will be dispatched as soon as possible, not when a neighbour eventually gets fed up of the noise. Most home break-ins are over in 10 minutes, while the police may not be there for much longer if they’re not alerted in time. The sooner police arrive on the scene the more likely it is they’ll catch the thieves and retrieve whatever they have stolen.

CCTV cameras outside and inside the home can help with a conviction if the burglars are caught, so it is worth using this technology as it will put off all but the most determined and experienced burglars.

If your neighbours also have security cameras and alarms it turns the whole neighbourhood in to a tricky target, and could mean the area is burgled less frequently. It might be tempting to skimp on the security if your neighbours are well protected, but this might have the effect of turning your home into the only house burglars will think about. It is far better to take the same approach and turn away all burglars, and it could also save you money on your home insurance if you can provide evidence that you have an NSI approved system installed and maintained by an NSI Gold rated supplier like ourselves.

So, to go back to our original question, will a burglar alarm stop a property being targeted? Generally speaking the answer is yes. You may be unlucky enough to be targeted by a skilled career burglar who isn’t deterred by anything; but an alarm, when used along with other security measures like CCTV and a monitoring service greatly increases the chance that your home won’t be top of any burglars’ lists.