What is NSI and why should you look for it?

If you are new to the world of intruder alarm and fire safety systems, NSI may be a confusing acronym that seems to appear everywhere.  NSI stands for National Security Inspectorate and they are the leading security, fire protection system and facilities management UKAS accredited certification body in the UK.  Insurance companies place a high value on systems which have been approved by the NSI, even more so on those which have attained the NACOSS Gold Standard.  They are an impartial, not for profit organisation and are highly trusted by security industry professionals.

You may be aware of NACOSS, which is the forerunner to NSI.  Before NACOSS there was NSCIA, the National Supervisory Council for Intruder Alarms, which was founded in 1971, to tackle the problems of inferior systems on the market which did not stand up to the job.  NACOSS was formed in 1991, uniting NSCIA and SSI, the Security Systems Inspectorate.  Twenty years later the ISI (Inspectorate of the Security Industry), responsible for governing security guard standards, joined with NACOSS to create the NSI, as we know it today.  NACOSS is sometimes still used within the industry, as it is a familiar term which covers alarm systems that may still be in use.

The NSI is responsible for all elements of the security industry as well as fire protection, so any alarm or fire protection system that has NSI approval, as well as the companies supplying them, holds a certain prestige over other, non NSI approved equipment.  The NSI takes their role very seriously, investigating companies who fraudulently use their logo to imply that they have attained certification.

When you are looking for an alarm or fire protection system, it is vital that you place the same value on NSI accreditation as insurers, the police and the fire service, and are not tempted to invest in a cheaper, non-approved system to save a little money.  This is a dangerous false economy, as the sense of security you may get from having a cheap alarm system is misplaced, both in terms of the performance of the product and the value of it in terms of insurance cover.

Companies and products with NSI approval are subject to regular inspections and audits, a fact which reassures consumers that anything they purchase, whether that is a product or a service, has been tested to the highest standards and reviewed against the same on a regular basis.  When you buy from P&R Alarms you get that peace of mind, because we have held NSI NACOSS Gold Standard accreditation for many years and continue to work to their exacting standards.