We’ve Bought Our First Home, What Now?

Congratulations!  Getting on the property ladder is a big life event and one which can be incredibly stressful.  The last thing you want when you’re settling into a new house and a new area is to be burgled, adding more stress to your life and also taking the shine off making your new house a home.  This is why home security should be one of the first things on your (very long) list of things to sort out. 

When people move house they transport everything they own to the new property, sometimes in bits and pieces and sometimes with the help of a removal firm and a large lorry.  In both cases thieves have the perfect opportunity to take note of expensive equipment and electrical items that are going into the new place; although you can’t hide everything, do be aware of suspicious activity, such as people loitering while you are moving stuff in. 

If you’re moving bits and pieces over the course of a few weeks take care not to leave valuables in the new place if you’re sleeping elsewhere, as it’s the ideal time for burglars to enter and take their time stealing your stuff without the risk of you waking up and catching them in the act.  If this is how you will move, consider having an alarm system fitted straight away, before you properly move in, to protect the items that are in there.  This also sends a powerful message that you are on top of your home security, so any burglars scoping out new residents as potential targets will be deterred from the outset.

It’s also worth installing the rest of your home security system at the same time.  This could include a video doorbell, CCTV, window sensors, a system to cover sheds and outbuildings plus your smoke detectors.  Getting all these things done at once, from a trusted NSI Gold Standard provider like us, means you can tick a lot of things off your list and have that peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re fully protected against theft and fire.

If you’re unsure what you need we will be very happy to provide advice.  We always carry out an on-site survey before making any recommendations; with years of experience under our belt we know all the tricks burglars use, how best to defeat them and what products work best for your lifestyle.  We’re not tied to any single manufacturer or brand, so you don’t have to worry we’re going to sell you something you don’t need to make a quick buck – we pride ourselves on giving the best service possible.

We can also advise on the standard of your window and door locks.  Although it’s not our main area of business, the integrity of the locks on these entry points makes a big difference to the overall security of your home and as part of our survey we will let you know if there are any weak points in the structure of your home and entry points.  We’ll even let you know if there are obvious hiding places for burglars in your garden, although we draw the line at landscaping for you!

If you’ve bought your first property and are about to move in, give us a call to get all your security needs sorted so you can get on with making your house a home.