Should I upgrade my access control system?

Businesses using access control systems may find they need to upgrade their system for more efficient functioning and a higher level of security, but when is the right time to carry out an upgrade? Every business will be different as seasonal demands can affect when the premises is least used and therefore a good time for an installation, but the signs that a company should change and upgrade their access control system are broadly the same across all industries.

If your company is experiencing rapid growth and new staff members are joining all the time, then you need to be able to issue keys or access cards regularly and without delay. A hold up in the process can take the shine off a new job and makes the induction process inefficient while you wait for new keys to be cut, or for an external supplier to provide extra key cards for the system. If you experience these problems it is a sure sign that upgrading to a PC based system, where you have full control over key cards and RFID fobs is a wise move – that way employees can get their keys and access privileges on the first day, not two or three weeks after starting.

If the company has experienced break ins and thefts where there have been no obvious signs of forced entry it is likely that the access control system has been compromised, either by criminals cloning key cards from out-dated systems, or by ex-employees handing their old access equipment to criminals (or even using it themselves to commit the crime). This means the access control system needs upgrading quickly, as once a break in has happened security has been compromised and another break in could be on the horizon. If you can’t tell from the access records which key was used to access the premises or how many keys have been issued to ex-employees and are still out there somewhere this is a major indication that your access control system is no longer fit for purpose. You should be able to generate access records, to disable key cards and fobs from a central system (thereby stopping lost and stolen cards and those held by ex-employees from working) and tighten up the access rights of personnel; if you can’t then your system is out-dated and should be upgraded.

If you are in any kind of technology industry then it is important for your business image to have the latest and best access control system, especially if you have clients visiting your premises. They might be really impressed with your work, but the sight of an out-dated and clunky access control system can cast doubt over whether you really know your onions. It might seem a little vain, but sometimes these details make a big impression with clients and potential clients – if you’re displaying cutting edge technology everywhere then they will believe that you’re ahead of the game, and ahead of your competition.

If any of these reasons ring alarm bells with you then call us today and arrange an upgrade. We can supply and upgrade a system even if we didn’t do the original installation.