Two Ways To Upgrade Your Window Locks

The integrity of your windows is often overlooked when tightening up your threshold, but it can make a big difference to the strength of your overall home security.  Windows are a favourite method of entry for burglars; homeowners will often replace unfit doors for more secure options, but forget that the windows are also just as viable as entry route for burglars.  We don’t enter our own homes through the window, so it’s easy to forget that criminals will.

New double glazed windows come with sturdy locks which make it hard for burglars to gain entry through your window, but older properties without double glazing, or older lockable windows may not be as secure.  You don’t need to completely replace your windows to upgrade the locks, or to change the colour and style of the handles to fit a new interior decoration scheme as, these can be added to any existing window.  This is a good way of compromising on the price of a new window; however you won’t have to compromise your security in any way. 

When we start thinking about burglars entering our homes through the window, we naturally start to consider the safety aspects of children getting out through a window, whether by accident or intentionally.  In the summer you’ll want the windows open to let fresh air in, but at the same time you don’t want the children playing upstairs near an open window?  Children are curious, and notoriously bad at assessing risks, so open windows pose a real danger for the safety of young children. 

Window restrictors can be fitted to any window, even to patio doors, so you can leave the window ajar for ventilation without it becoming an entry or an exit.  You may have seen them on office windows and not considered using them in the home, but they can be a really important part of childproofing a home; they can even be useful for elderly relatives, who may be at risk of intruders coming in through an open window while they’re watching TV or having a nap.

Window restrictors are easy to fit and they provide a failsafe way of ventilating your home without compromising on security.  We always advise people to be vigilant about open windows, especially in the summer when you may be in the back garden, but want the windows open at the front.  With window restrictors you can happily get a breeze through the home without also inviting burglars in.  They’re also ideal for stopping children from accidentally falling out of an open window, and for stopping children intentionally using the window to get outside (if you have teenagers you’ll be relieved to know they can’t easily sneak out of the window at night undetected).  Window restrictors can be disconnected for the times you want to open the window fully, but you’ll need the key.  This means they don’t interfere with a fire escape plan, but you will need to keep the keys in a place that’s accessible (but not close enough that they could be reached by thieves).

It’s also worth having window sensors as part of your burglar alarm, so that any breach of a window will trigger the alarm.  In many cases, this will stop burglars in their tracks when they try to compromise the window and they won’t have a chance to finish breaking in before the sirens sound.