‘Twas Night Before Christmas

Security is no laughing matter and we take our jobs very seriously, as we’re responsible for the security of thousands of homes and businesses across the Midlands. Sometimes though, we like to take a lighter look at our work, so without further ado we present the P&R Alarms version of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through my house
Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse
The sensors were set, all systems were go
When a phone text came through to let me know

Something had breached the perimeter boundary
The floodlights were on, CCTV at the ready
To capture whatever, whomever had landed
And potentially catch an opportunist red handed

When out in the garden there was such a clatter
I opened the app to check what was the matter
Seeing the feed from the camera outside
Revealed a scene most undignified

In landing his sleigh on the roof tiles above
Santa’s aim and direction were sorely misjudged
The reindeer slipped, sending tiles crashing down
With a noise that probably woke up half of the town

I turned off the intruder alert system sensors
And hurried to check Santa was compos mentis
He jumped to his feet like a young man of twenty
But his beard and wrinkles told a different story

With grace his eight reindeer regained their stance
And I knew this moment would be my chance
“Hey Santa” I cried, as I ran through the garden
“Do you need any help? I saw it all happen”

He turned to me with a nod and a wink
And said “Oh we will be alright, I think,
The reindeer are sturdy and I’m pretty fit
But my word, isn’t your garden well lit?”

“Oh yes”, I replied “I had lighting put in
To reveal intruders, they won’t get a look in
We’ve got cameras out here and motion detectors
If anyone’s snooping our handy app tells us”

I showed him our state of the art fire detection
Our intruder alarm for the family’s protection
Santa was astonished and wanted to know
How he could get this set-up out in the snow

I showed him a website, explained NSI
He took it all in with a glint in his eye
I watched as he boarded his sleigh and took flight
The reindeer hooves shining in crisp moonlight

I went back inside and settled back down
The family were fast asleep, ah, silence all round
Christmas Day came and went with smiles and laughter
The family slept soundly, before lunch and after

Mid-January came and one dark dreary night
I noticed some movement had triggered the light
I went to investigate but found nothing there
When a tap on my shoulder gave me quite a scare

Who was it behind me? Why it was St Nick
He’d come to say thank you, but had to be quick
At his workshop the elves were taking a rest
Protected by security supplied by the best

He’d spared no expense, got the latest inventions
And his workforce were grateful for his good intentions
With the cameras all over they were not too pleased
For now they had to maintain a high working speed!

We hope that has given you a giggle or two, and served as a reminder to use your security equipment properly during the festive period. Merry Christmas from all of us at P&R Alarms!