Total solution systems – be aware of everything

Ensuring the safety and security of modern business premises is a very important task for business owners, and few are fully conversant in all the gadgets and systems that can be used to create a security system that does everything.  We are security and monitoring experts and we have many years of experience in specifying and installing total solution systems.   Our bread and butter is security, but we are also involved in other detection systems, including fire and smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detection and multi-user access control systems, that keep certain areas off limits to everyone except those staff members cleared for access.  Our total solutions encompass all these aspects to create a bespoke system for every client.


Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer we always strive to provide the best system for everyone, and no two premises are exactly the same.  We work with you on site, to fully explore all the factors that we need to account for in the design of a total solution for security and safety at your business.  Let’s take the example of a legal services business with premises in a listed building, in a city centre.  They cannot make any structural changes to the building, and are not in a position to have building work going on during the working day.  They are also at risk of disgruntled ex-convicts visiting the building to intimidate someone who may have been responsible for their incarceration.  There is a small kitchenette with a gas hob on the premises, and all the windows are original sash windows that cannot be modified.


This hypothetical legal services business has decided they want an entry phone system, with a recording camera that shows reception who is at the door.  The door can only be opened with a pass card, or by reception activating the door to allow visitors in.  This is one of our specialisms, and we can fit a system that works wirelessly, to avoid having to take up floorboards or drill lots of holes.  CCTV would also be useful in client meeting rooms and anywhere that visitors may be present, to ensure the safety of both staff and visitors.  Additionally, CCTV cameras around the building would help guard against break-ins and provide evidence should a conviction be sought.


All the CCTV cameras could be sending recordings to a secure, off-site monitoring centre that is responsible for checking the image feed, and acting accordingly should they see any suspicious activity.  Due to the age of the building and the listed status, a fire and smoke alarm system would be advisable, with the option of having sprinklers installed.  Although the sprinklers need a water feed, much of the communication between the smoke detectors and sprinklers can be done wirelessly.  A carbon monoxide detection system would be a worthwhile addition, to guard against leaks from the gas hob in the kitchenette.


As there are sensitive records kept in the building, an access system needs to be in place to prevent unauthorised staff from accessing client data.  Keeping it in a locked cabinet may seem like a practical enough solution; however, having an access system would not only secure the data but also the office, only giving access to those with permission to enter. The same access system can define who can access client meeting rooms, the server room and any other areas, where keeping people out is important.


As far as intruder alarms go, a silent system with police response would be advisable, and having an alert system set up to notify management staff of any break-ins would also be a worth considering, allowing for a swift response to any disturbances.  Due to the old windows that are an easy entry point, we would advise on installing window sensors which trigger the alarm when they are moved, alerting the police before anyone has had a chance to gain entry.  This whole system can be installed wirelessly and integrated so that all systems are activated when the building is locked up, meaning no-one has to manually set each part of the system before they leave.  If this sounds like something you need at your business premises, then give us a call today on 01905 799949 and let us create a total systems solution that works for you.