Our top tips for improving business security

Keeping your business premises safe and secure is just as important as turning up at the office every day, perhaps more so as there wouldn’t be an office to turn up to should you be the victim of a burglary or fire.  An NSI Gold standard approved intruder alarm is a must for any commercial or retail building and it should be regularly serviced and tested to ensure it is in full working order.


Having a fire alarm installed is also a requirement, and monitored systems are available which alert the fire service to the incident.  Sprinkler systems can be linked to the fire alarm system to help put out a fire before it takes hold, and it is vital that electrical systems and items are regularly tested to identify any faults that could potentially start a blaze.


External lighting is very important, especially for businesses located in badly lit areas.  Business parks are generally well lit, but it is wise to check your premises at night for any dark spots where thieves could hide.  Motion sensor lights and CCTV cameras deter most burglars as they don’t want to be seen, so installing a CCTV system and floodlights outside your building will help keep it safe, as well as those around it.  Our trained engineers can assess your premises and advise on the best locations for cameras and lights, all provided by NSI approved suppliers.


Shops and offices on the ground floor should always keep blinds and curtains closed after hours, to stop potential thieves assessing what they can steal.  Takings should be removed from the premises overnight and any valuable stock locked safely away.  Metal grilles and roller shutters provide an added layer of security that make a lot of noise to get past, which is often enough to put thieves off.


All businesses are becoming more reliant on technology, so even sole traders and businesses without a physical location are susceptible to online theft.  Online theft can be in the form of data hacking whereby someone gains access to your customer database and uses payment details to obtain money fraudulently, it can be in the form of re-routing your payments to a different account or it can be taking down your website to boost a competitor’s success.  Cyber security is just as important as physical security for businesses, and it is advisable to review your online security practices just as often as you review your premises security systems – at least once a year.


While we are not cyber security experts we are seriously clued up on physical security systems, monitoring and access control systems and even fire and flood alarm systems.  We can provide everything to keep your business premises safe and secure; using all NSI approved products installed by our experienced and certified engineers.  We can also audit and provide consultation about your existing security arrangements and suggest improvements to make yours the best protected business on the block.  Call us today on 01905 799949 to get the ball rolling.