Is It Time For Your Intruder Alarm Service?

With most of us staying at home for months at a time this year, it’s easy to overlook your intruder alarm service. It may be the case that you haven’t even set it since March if there has always been someone at home, and we can easily fall into the trap of forgetting we have one and that it needs servicing. Your insurance provider usually stipulates that without proof of regular servicing your cover will be void in the event of a burglary, so while you may save on the premiums by installing one, you need to stick to the service schedule to keep that benefit.

For several weeks of the lock-down it was not permitted to allow anyone who wasn’t part of your household inside your home, unless it was for a medical emergency or care needs. This meant that services scheduled during that time had to be postponed, and people who might have booked during that time could not be certain that the appointment would go ahead unless restrictions had been eased. We understand that there are many customers who are in the vulnerable or shielding categories and therefore more cautious about allowing people into their homes, even though now the government advice permits social bubbling, as well as cleaners and other in-home services to resume; we will do everything we can to ensure none of our engineers contaminate any surfaces in your home.

Because we are NSI Gold Standard certified you know you can trust us and, on top of that accolade, we are committed to making improvements to our service wherever possible, including on call out times and other areas of customer service. Our staff are all background checked and although there’s no Covid certification attached to that, we only employ people who have the same stringent attitude to customer service and safety that we’re so proud of. Any engineer entering your home will wear the appropriate PPE and will only need to touch the parts of the alarm system required to carry out the servicing. Based on government advice we would recommend that you have doors and/or windows open while the engineer is there to ensure a good airflow throughout the property, and anyone with severe medical conditions may feel more comfortable in a separate room where they will not have any contact with the engineer.

If you have any additional concerns about having a visit from one of our engineers, or there are special circumstances to be aware of, please call us and we’ll see how we can work around those conditions – we will always find a way to carry out your alarm service or any repair work that needs to be done.

If this article has made you wonder whether you have missed your alarm service, we can check our records to see when the last service was carried out – you may have even marked it on your calendar as a reminder. We will try to allocate priority to those with vulnerabilities and those who have to return to the workplace, thus leaving their homes vacant during the day. It has been a long few weeks for burglars as there have been hardly any opportunities for an uninterrupted breaking in – we expect the determined burglars to get back to their nefarious activities as soon as they have the chance, so make sure your alarm is in good working condition to protect your home when you are not around.