There’s an app for that… Texecom Connect arrives at P&R Alarms

The smart, connected home is becoming much more mainstream as people start to use apps for controlling their heating, or for checking who is at the door with video doorbells, and security alarms are no different.  What was once the preserve of high end homes and futuristic building projects is now a standard feature of a modern home, and people expect to be able to keep an eye on what is happening in their home, from anywhere in the world.  Samsung even have a smart fridge that tells you what has been removed and what is about to expire, meaning you can check whether you need groceries before returning home, rather than having to pop out while making dinner, because someone has used the last of the carrots during the day.


The Texecom Connect app is designed to give you total control of your home security devices, and it can even be linked to other smart devices in your home, allowing you to control the heating, lighting, fridge contents and much more from wherever you happen to be.  The app aims to make using an intruder alarm much easier than ever before, with the option to enable and disable the system as needed.  Using the Texecom SmartPlugs alongside the app means you can even turn lights on and off from your office, the car, or even another country.


The system is easy to program and control, doing away with confusing interfaces that many people struggle to use – 83% of alarm system owners admit they are confused about how to use their security devices properly.  The Texecom Connect app is so easy to use that even technophobes can get the hang of it quickly, and once you have used a system like this, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.


The Texecom Connect app allows you to define the level of interaction you have with the system – you can either set every aspect of your connected home manually, or set a mode that can be applied to standard days.  The mode concept allows for homeowners to set all their systems and devices to work as needed during a normal day, or to create a holiday mode which will automatically set the intruder alarm, turn lights and heating on and off and even interface with a video doorbell, so you can make it seem like you are at home, even if you are actually sipping cocktails in a beach bar, halfway around the world.  Pre-set modes are included, so you can get to work right away, making small adjustments as you discover what extra features you want in a particular mode.


“Recipes” can be devised to add bespoke actions to your system that will effect an action depending on which mode you are in.  An example recipe might be to turn on the hallway or porch light when the front door opens while it is dark, or to send a notification when any motion is detected at the front door.  You can set this recipe to only trigger when you are away from the home, so you do not get notifications of people at the door when you are home to greet them.  However, you may want to keep the notification mode enabled while you are at home, so that you can work in a distant part of the home or garden and keep an eye on who is at the door, without having to stop what you are doing and recipes allow for this to be done with the press of a button.


Domestic automation products can be integrated into the app so they can be controlled by your mobile phone.  These devices are mapped into Rooms when the system is installed, so you can control the lights and plug sockets of any part of your home from anywhere – useful for turning off plug sockets in children’s bedrooms, so they can’t watch TV after a certain time or to ensure that you have turned off hair straighteners when you leave the home.


We at P&R Alarms are delighted to be able to offer this innovative and intuitive system to our customers – when we tested it at our premises, we were pleasantly surprised to find that is really is as easy to use as the manufacturers claim it to be, so give us a call to find out how the Texecom Connect app can revolutionise your smart home security.