What does it take to get NSI Gold Standard certification?

Having NSI Gold Standard certification is something we at P&R Alarms are very proud of.  For the average home and business owner it is enough to see the stamp on our website, but we thought it important to explain exactly what NSI NACOSS Gold Standard certification means and what is involved in retaining that endorsement.  The NSI (National Security Inspectorate) oversees the security industry and is responsible for ensuring that the highest standards are upheld across the board.  There are two levels of certification that NSI can give, either Systems Silver or NSI NACOSS Gold Standard.  The two-tier approach allows smaller companies to grow within the NSI approvals system.  The NSI NACOSS Gold Standard also allows companies to survey premises for installations and to design security systems but both levels cover installation, maintenance and repair.  In order to gain NSI NACOSS Gold certification the company must also gain ISO 9000:2015 quality assurance.

Retaining the certification provided by NSI is something we take very seriously, as we know that customers looking for intruder alarms that comply with contents insurance policies are only interested in dealing with reputable companies who are certified by NSI; it is often a requirement of the policy itself that the system is provided, installed and maintained by an NSI NACOSS Gold Standard approved business.  The NSI conducts regular reviews of our working practices, our training schemes and our staff to ensure that we are upholding the highest standards at all times.  Our in-house quality management system provides a great framework in which we can constantly refine and improve the way we work.

Having NSI NACOSS Gold Standard certifications provides our customers with peace of mind; in order to achieve the highest level anyone involved in management of the company must be of reputable character and suitable experienced in the industry – they don’t hand out certificates to just anyone.  Additionally, the installation and maintenance staff must also meet certain training requirements, with a minimum of 2 members of staff to ensure there is always someone on call.  It should go without saying, but the NSI NACOSS Gold Standard approval also ensures that all products provided and any work carried out adheres to current health and safety standards.  We want our customers to be able to trust us at all stages of the process of getting a burglar alarm installed and having NSI NACOSS Gold Standard certification means customers can have faith in us.