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Moving Your Security System With You

hands presenting a small model of a house

If you’re moving home and aren’t sure what to do about your security products, then allow us show you how easy it is to relocate and reconfigure a system for your new property.  We move systems for our customers all the time and it’s often a surprise to them how efficient it is to relocate… Read more »

Spring Cleaning And Security Upgrades

It’s spring cleaning time, and while it isn’t the most enjoyable project it can make a big difference to your home security.  There is also a security aspect to one of the joyful aspects of this time of year, so balance can be achieved between the mundane and the exciting. Spring cleaning isn’t just an… Read more »

The Cost Of Living Verses The Cost Of Security

hands presenting a small model of a house

The cost of living is rising, and with many people being faced with a choice between heating and eating; we’re all looking for ways we can tighten our belts.  Even people with a good, steady income will be faced with higher bills for things like food, petrol and gas/electricity making this is an issue that… Read more »

What To Do About Doorstep Pirates

Doorstep piracy may be an American term, but the problem is global.  Parcels are being stolen from doorsteps and porches across the country and while some couriers are taking measures, these are designed to protect them from claims.  Having a picture of your parcel on your doorstep only proves that is has been delivered, it… Read more »

Is Your Video Doorbell Illegal?

Two neighbours in Oxfordshire have become embroiled in a bitter legal dispute over privacy and harassment linked to a Ring video doorbell.  One of the neighbours installed four on his property (two of which were dummy deterrents), angering one of his neighbours who claimed that the surveillance of her property was intrusive.  When she confronted… Read more »

Security During Renovations

With house prices rising and frequent market fluctuations a lot of us are opting to renovate or extend our existing homes rather than moving.  We might have to build an extension to accommodate an elderly relative who needs care, or an adult child who can’t afford to strike out on their own just yet.  A… Read more »

Be Smart When Selling Your Home

Putting your house on the market can be an exciting time, yet one which also involves a lot of stress.  In this article we’ll discuss how security products can help keep your valuables and your home safe, and what to do about your existing security products when you leave. Firstly, you’ll need a good relationship… Read more »

Home Security – What Not To Do

In matters of home security we’re often talking about what people should be doing to protect their home, contents and the safety of their family, and the reverse of this is what people should not do – two sides of the same coin.  It’s not always easy, however, to know whether an action falls into… Read more »

New Year, New Secure You

Many of us will be kicking off 2022 with a fitness or health based New Year’s resolution – just over half of all resolutions we make relate to fitness, with 53% of UK adults declaring their intention to get fit and 48% wanting to lose weight (according to polling carried out by YouGov).  At a… Read more »

Security Products Show You What You’re Missing

Just a few years ago domestic CCTV wasn’t something that everyone had access to.  The cost of CCTV devices has come down a lot, which has resulted in an increase in sales of standalone items like video doorbells or car dashcams. This means that a lot more of us now has access to video and/or… Read more »