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Be Smart When Selling Your Home

Putting your house on the market can be an exciting time, yet one which also involves a lot of stress.  In this article we’ll discuss how security products can help keep your valuables and your home safe, and what to do about your existing security products when you leave. Firstly, you’ll need a good relationship… Read more »

Home Security – What Not To Do

In matters of home security we’re often talking about what people should be doing to protect their home, contents and the safety of their family, and the reverse of this is what people should not do – two sides of the same coin.  It’s not always easy, however, to know whether an action falls into… Read more »

New Year, New Secure You

Many of us will be kicking off 2022 with a fitness or health based New Year’s resolution – just over half of all resolutions we make relate to fitness, with 53% of UK adults declaring their intention to get fit and 48% wanting to lose weight (according to polling carried out by YouGov).  At a… Read more »

Security Products Show You What You’re Missing

Just a few years ago domestic CCTV wasn’t something that everyone had access to.  The cost of CCTV devices has come down a lot, which has resulted in an increase in sales of standalone items like video doorbells or car dashcams. This means that a lot more of us now has access to video and/or… Read more »

We’ve Bought Our First Home, What Now?

Congratulations!  Getting on the property ladder is a big life event and one which can be incredibly stressful.  The last thing you want when you’re settling into a new house and a new area is to be burgled, adding more stress to your life and also taking the shine off making your new house a… Read more »

Summer Holiday Security – Part 1

If you own a holiday rental property there are many security concerns that the average homeowner doesn’t have to worry about.  Although it is very rare, there have been reports of renters refusing to leave at the end of their stay, leading to costly eviction processes which also mean a loss of rental income while… Read more »

Keeping Home Deliveries Secure

Online retailing has boomed during the pandemic because it’s a contact-free way of buying items without leaving home to do so.  The convenience is clear, but there is a pitfall of purchasing items online, and that’s the “porch pirate”.  The term comes from America, where theft of packages from outside people’s homes has significantly increased,… Read more »

Keep Elderly Relatives Safe From Covid Scams

Criminals use a range of tactics to commit theft.  When targeting the elderly or vulnerable, distraction burglaries are a common method.  Distraction burglaries are usually committed by two people, one to distract the homeowner and the other to steal items when the victim’s back is turned.  Access is gained under false pretences, often with stories… Read more »

Home And Business Security Check – Is Your Door Good Enough?

While many people assume a window or back door will be a burglar’s preferred method of entry, they will often use the front door if it seems insecure and is not too visible from the road.  They can also deduce a lot about your general security level from the state of your front door, so… Read more »

Gifting Home Security this Christmas

If you’re in the midst of Christmas shopping and still have a few names not ticked off the list yet then why not consider giving the gift of home security? It’s a practical gift which conveys a lot of love and care towards your giftee – what says “I love you and want you to… Read more »