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What Do Criminals Want Right Now?

Recently we reported on the drop in car thefts thanks to the new policing plan, which has targeted chop shops.  These are places where stolen vehicles are taken (often stolen to order) and dismantled, with the parts then either being sold off or used to repair other stolen vehicles to be sold on.  Criminals looking… Read more »

Use This Tip To Reduce Your Burglary Risk

Burglars turn to new tricks all the time to research and scope out potential targets for a break in.  When we hear about a novel scheme we like to pass it on, so today we bring you the Google Street View Scope-out. In an age where we can get virtually anything delivered to our front… Read more »

Been burgled? Here’s why you should install an alarm now

If you have been burgled you’ll know that the aftermath is wide ranging and affects you in many ways.  There’s the insurance claim, the replacement of vital items before any compensation comes through, the practicalities of tidying up and dealing with the emotional element that comes with having your privacy invaded.  There’s also the matter… Read more »

Do You Know A Burglar? You May Be Surprised

The statistics on burglaries can throw up some interesting facts, including this little nugget on whether the perpetrator was known to the victim. In 51% of burglaries the thief was a stranger, but in 49% the victim was an acquaintance of, or well known to the perpetrator. In fact, 31% of burglaries are committed by… Read more »

Latest Crime Figures For The West Midlands, Spring 2020

The crime figures for the first four months of 2020 paint a very different picture when compared to the same period the year before, and even across the four months there is a significant decrease in nearly all types of crime. In January there were 2,328 burglaries, but in April just 1,372 were reported –… Read more »

It’s a lovely day, let’s keep it that way

As I write this the sun is shining and soon I’ll be out enjoying the beautiful weather. There’s always a bit of gardening to do – even when you’re on top of it the weeds seem to spring back up overnight. Armed with a trowel, fork and collapsible garden waste carrier I’ll be out there… Read more »

The Biggest Thefts – And How They Could Have Been Foiled

One of the biggest thefts in recent history is the Hatton Garden raid in 2015 – it is often described as the biggest burglary in English legal history. The theft was carried out by a gang of retired and elderly men, who devised a plan to enter the building and get to the safe deposit… Read more »