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The Top Causes Of False Alarms At Business Premises

Every business premises needs an intruder alarm and it is often required by an insurance company before they will provide cover. Most businesses are empty overnight and on days they are closed, this presents the perfect opportunity for a break in. Premises located on industrial estates can be even more vulnerable due to the absence… Read more »

Monitored Response Fire Alarms

Everyone knows a working fire alarm is a vitally important bit of kit. Businesses and rented properties are required by law to have working, regularly serviced fire and smoke detection systems, with many of these having sprinkler systems installed as a first line of defence against fires. Domestic homes should also have working, regularly checked… Read more »

What Is The Best Intruder Alarm System?

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What makes an alarm system the best one is not just the price, the manufacturer or whether it uses the latest technology. There is a lot more that goes into an alarm system and in fact there is no single alarm system that can rightfully be called “The Best” because each system and each family… Read more »