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I Have A Fire Officer – Who Else Needs To Know About Our Fire Safety?

Your fire safety obligations as a business owner need to be taken seriously.  Any business with more than 5 employees must keep a written record of their fire safety risk assessments, the steps they need to take, proof that fire safety equipment has been inspected and maintained regularly and an evacuation plan for the building… Read more »

Looking For A New Alarm Service Company?

word maintenance shown on a tablet.

Recently we have been approached by a number of Midlands-based businesses looking for a new supplier for their burglar alarm servicing and monitoring.  We’re used to getting a lot of enquiries; however, this recent spike has been a little unusual.  We’re not sure whether, by some coincidence, lots of business have the same contract end… Read more »

What monitored services provide for businesses

Any business that holds stock needs to keep it safe from theft and environmental damage. This can be easier said than done, however, as quite often warehouse or other storage facilities are located out of a town centre and in a location that is usually deserted overnight and at weekends. This lack of activity in… Read more »