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Burglary In Progress – What To Do

It’s at the top of everyone’s fear list – you’re witnessing a burglary taking place next door, somewhere else on your street or even in your own home.  When confronted with a crime in progress we often don’t know what to do, and the adrenaline can cause us to make bad decisions.  It’s easy to… Read more »

Keeping Older Relatives Safe

With the care sector stretched thinly and the price of these services rising in line with the cost of living, many people are choosing to provide care and support to elderly or infirm relatives themselves due to the costs involved.  For some people, providing care themselves is a tradition, while other people prefer to move… Read more »

What To Do About Doorstep Pirates

Doorstep piracy may be an American term, but the problem is global.  Parcels are being stolen from doorsteps and porches across the country and while some couriers are taking measures, these are designed to protect them from claims.  Having a picture of your parcel on your doorstep only proves that is has been delivered, it… Read more »

Be Smart When Selling Your Home

Putting your house on the market can be an exciting time, yet one which also involves a lot of stress.  In this article we’ll discuss how security products can help keep your valuables and your home safe, and what to do about your existing security products when you leave. Firstly, you’ll need a good relationship… Read more »

Keeping Home Deliveries Secure

Online retailing has boomed during the pandemic because it’s a contact-free way of buying items without leaving home to do so.  The convenience is clear, but there is a pitfall of purchasing items online, and that’s the “porch pirate”.  The term comes from America, where theft of packages from outside people’s homes has significantly increased,… Read more »

The Most Prevalent Crimes Against Businesses – And How To Prevent Them

The data released by The Home Office for crimes against businesses in 2018 make for interesting reading.  The statistics are split across different business areas, including retail and wholesale, accommodation and hospitality, and agriculture, forestry and fishing.  As you might expect, each sector experiences different types of crime, but one which affects all businesses is… Read more »

Keep Your Shed As Safe As Houses

Your shed has probably been one of the places you’ve been glad to spend some time during lockdown. Every shed needs a tidy up now and then, and you’ll uncover all sorts of things you thought you’d lost or thrown away. It’s also a place for storage, a workshop set up and even for laundry… Read more »

The Biggest Thefts – And How They Could Have Been Foiled

One of the biggest thefts in recent history is the Hatton Garden raid in 2015 – it is often described as the biggest burglary in English legal history. The theft was carried out by a gang of retired and elderly men, who devised a plan to enter the building and get to the safe deposit… Read more »

New Business? Let Us Keep You Secure While You Get Started

When you’re setting up a new business there is so much to think about. Your product or service is paramount, but you need premises, equipment and marketing, together with accountancy services, payroll administration and much more – the list is seemingly endless. You also need insurance and security arrangements and the two often go hand… Read more »

CCTV and recording for abattoirs

From early 2018 new legislation comes into effect for abattoirs in the UK requiring CCTV to be installed in all areas, with the recordings kept for at least 90 days.  The footage will be accessible to Official Veterinarians and will help abattoirs refute any allegations of cruelty or poor hygiene.  The move has been somewhat… Read more »