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Home Security Tips For Halloween And Bonfire Night

Our autumn festivals might still look a bit different this year – although Covid restrictions have been lifted, we still have to be very mindful.  This means that there will be fewer fireworks displays and bonfires and these will more than likely be a much smaller, family-oriented affair.  Halloween will also look a bit different… Read more »

What Can We Learn From Home Alone?

Christmas may be a distant memory now, but the festive classic Home Alone films stick in the memory for a while, especially when you’re in the business of security and defeating intruders.  Watching those films through our expert eyes throws up a few things many people miss, such as the fact the whole first film… Read more »

Monitored Alarm Services Benefits

As a homeowner you might wonder why you should spend money on a monitored alarm service when you can just go for a standard alarm system without the extra layer of protection.  It’s a reasonable question, after all we don’t spend money on serious purchases without thinking about what we’re actually getting, and no-one likes… Read more »

Love Thy Neighbour – Listen Out

We’re firm believers in the importance of intruder alarms for domestic properties.  Most insurance companies will discount your premium if you provide proof of an alarm system that is regularly maintained.  The presence of an alarm box acts as a powerful deterrent against burglars, who will often move on to an insecure property instead of… Read more »

Is A Dog As Good As A Burglar Alarm?

dog looking out of window

A dog can be a great deterrent against burglars; a sign warning visitors that there is a dog on the premises is one part of creating a visual deterrent, and the sound of a dog barking is an audible deterrent.  A lot of people, including some burglars, are scared of big, barking dogs.  If there’s… Read more »

Cheap Burglar Alarms Could Actually Compromise Your Home Security

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when it’s a good deal on something you actually want and need.  While we all like to save money where we can, this can be a dangerous habit to get into if this becomes your default position on all purchases.  Yes, a half price pair of jeans are the same… Read more »

What To Do In The Event Of A Burglary

Becoming the victim of a burglary is on everyone’s nightmare list; we often see people who have been the victim of a crime and we have seen the lasting effect it can have – it’s more than just the loss of possessions.  People often report feeling unsafe in their homes, even after tightening up security,… Read more »

Is The Cost Of An Alarm System Really Worth It?

At a time when many of us have suffered a reduction in salary, it’s natural that we are more cautious about spending money than in times when the economy is booming.  The cost of home security products, when weighed up against the cost of school uniforms, food and utilities, may seem like a misuse of… Read more »

Top Security Considerations When On Holiday

hands presenting a small model of a house

This summer was very different from the normal experience.  Although there are air bridges in place for tourists (so they don’t have to quarantine themselves after returning from holiday), many people will be avoiding an overseas holiday this year due to the pandemic and also for cost reasons.  More of us did holiday in the… Read more »

Been burgled? Here’s why you should install an alarm now

If you have been burgled you’ll know that the aftermath is wide ranging and affects you in many ways.  There’s the insurance claim, the replacement of vital items before any compensation comes through, the practicalities of tidying up and dealing with the emotional element that comes with having your privacy invaded.  There’s also the matter… Read more »