The Surprising Weak Spot in Many Homes

Many new build homes have a security flaw built in that most people don’t think about – the garage. Having a garage is very desirable and even if you don’t use it for car parking, it’s a valuable asset to any home for storage. Increasingly, people are using their garages as utility rooms, housing a washer, dryer, second fridge or deep freeze, as well as the usual items like lawnmowers, bikes and garden furniture. In many cases the garage is accessible from the house via an internal connecting door, and this is a common home improvement people make in order to have covered access to their garages.

When the house and garage are connected by an internal door there is an immediate security issue – if this door is not kept locked you may as well leave your front door unlocked as well. The fact is, many people will leave this door unsecured for convenience – if you need to lock and unlock a door every time you need to get something from the freezer, or whenever you’re doing laundry then the keys are going to get left in the door, or the door won’t ever be locked. When you factor in that most garage doors, even the robust ones, are pretty easy to break in through then an unlocked internal garage door is an excellent invitation for burglars.

There are some things you can do to ensure this weak spot isn’t taken advantage of, and heavy duty locks is just the start of it. If you don’t want physical keys involved you could look at an electronic entry panel with a code to secure the internal door, as this is still manageable even when holding a full basket of washing. This is convenient for the homeowner as well as being secure against break-ins. It is also worth upgrading your garage door mechanism to the latest style, although these doors are never the most secure. Lighting around the garage is a great deterrent, and it will also help you out on dark nights.

You would do well not to leave your garage door open either. This is a great advertisement for thieves as not only can they see what you’ve got to steal, they can also see that all important access route into the house. Even if your garage is totally empty don’t leave the door open and advertise that you can still get into the main house that way. You might consider not using that door at all and making it inaccessible, which you can do by moving furniture in front of the door and using it to store heavy items. This means thieves have to quietly take everything off the shelves and then move the furniture to find out there’s a door there, and most won’t go to these lengths.

CCTV is a good idea generally, but if you have vulnerability in your home security set-up it’s vital as a deterrent and as evidence should a crime occur. You can also add your garage as a room on your intruder alarm, so anyone accessing it while the system is set will trigger the alarm – we see so many customers who overlook including their garage in their system and it can be a real weak spot in otherwise tight security arrangements.

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