Protect With Intolerable Sound Emitters

How Intolerable Sound Emitters Can Protect You

You work hard all week – and sometimes over the weekend – to keep your business moving forward, so to lose stock or suffer property damage due to a break-in is both emotionally and financially damaging, and devastating. At P&R Alarms, we understand this, which is why we offer and install Intolerable Sound Emitters.

A Sound Emitter is a device which creates noise so disorientating and unbearable resulting in intruders being physically unable to stay in the premises.

The Intolerable Sound Emitter is designed to work alongside any existing electronic alarm system you may already have. This means that when your alarm goes off, the emitter will begin producing a noise. For maximum effectiveness, multiple units can be installed.

When activated, the emitter is capable of producing 125 db of disorientating intolerable sound, causing the intruder physical discomfort and forcing them to leave the area straight away. To give you some perspective – the noise created by a chainsaw is around 110 db and regular exposure to sounds above 95 db can cause permanent hearing damage.

Unlike traditional Master Blasters, Sound Emitters are designed to push internally rather than away from the building.

For further protection, you can use the sound emitter alongside a Smoke Cloak, a security smoke unit, the result of which will be an intolerable environment where the intruder will be unable to see or hear, forcing them off your property immediately.

If your business has high value stock or suffers from regular break-ins, get in touch with us and ask us about installing an Intolerable Sound Emitter

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