Eggs Better off in One Baket – All Alarm Systems & Monitoring

We all know the old saying “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket” but there are times when it’s advantageous to keep everything in one place, such as your security and access arrangements. For one thing, shopping around for different suppliers for each aspect takes time, and there’s no guarantee that at the end of it all you’ll end up with a better deal overall. Sure, it might be tempting to go for a company that only specialises in CCTV, but who is going to liaise with them when you want to upgrade your system and link it to another service, such as real-time monitoring or police response service?

When it comes to access control systems, intruder alarms and other sensor-based services (such as fire and flood detection) using multiple suppliers can create a logistical headache, especially at routine maintenance and service times. Can you be sure that the actions of one engineer working on your smoke detection system won’t affect your intruder alarm? We’ve all been in the position where one supplier passes the buck to another, and you’re left in the middle trying to work out what’s going on, and it’s far from ideal.

P&R Alarms are suppliers of all these services, from the procurement of equipment, through installation and all the way to aftercare. When we consult with a company about their security arrangements we automatically take into account the existing systems, what’s working and what needs upgrading, with a view to providing our customers with the most streamlined systems and services possible.

Our engineers are always available to service and repair any components and because we’re a total service supplier we know what to look out for, what to do when one system is reliant on another and what to check on all your systems when we carry out our routine safety checks. We can advise on the best and tidiest way to add services to your suite, so if you already have smoke detection, but want to add heat detection we can do this with minimal fuss.

Another great benefit to using one company for all your security services is that there’s just one number to call should anything go wrong. We won’t be telling you to call the CCTV people, while they’re telling you to call someone else, we’ll sort out whatever the problem is with any of our systems, and we can even take over the maintenance contract of your existing system without having to replace anything. We can even integrate new systems into your old ones for the best value for money.

P&R Alarms have the accreditation to offer a police response to our NSI approved intruder alarm systems, and not every security company can say that. With so much experience under our belt we have become the go-to security provider for the Midlands area, and we’re always striving to improve our response times, our service and our product range, to ensure our customers are getting the very best. With us you don’t need to find another company to monitor your CCTV, or a separate supplier for anti-theft smoke and fog systems, we can do it all.

So whether you’re looking for a complete new package, adding one more feature, or just a new maintenance contract for your existing set up look no further than P&R Alarms – we’ll keep all your eggs safe in our security basket.