Security Tips For People Living Alone

Living alone can be great – no-one to answer to, full control of the TV remote and total freedom to do what you want, when you want.  There are some pitfalls, however, which are the safety and security arrangements for people living alone.  Without someone else in the home you can feel quite exposed; if someone was to break in you wouldn’t have any back up, and if you fell and injured yourself it could take a lot of time before help arrives.  Luckily, there are many security products out there which can fill these gaps very well.

First of all, a pet is a great idea for people living alone.  Dogs are an excellent burglar deterrent, no matter the size of the dog.  Of course, a growling Doberman is visually more terrifying than a terrier who just wants a belly rub, but any barking dog in your property is going to help deter thieves and other miscreants, as well as providing you with company.  If dogs aren’t your thing, consider getting a loud bird or snakes.  Lots of people are terrified of snakes and if they’re visible from the outside of your property this will put off even hardened burglars.  Putting up a sign telling people to beware of the dog, or of the snakes, will help make your property an unattractive target for burglars.

An intruder alarm is always a good idea, and one which has sensors by all the entry points is the best option.  That way, you can be alerted when there is movement outside your property whether you’re at home or not, and this gives you prior warning that someone might be about to break in.  It will also alert you to your friends and family popping over, as well as deliveries being left so you’re fully aware of who has been to your property and when.  If you’re looking to move, opt for a property with windows near the front door so you can check who is knocking before you open the door.  If you don’t have windows that let you see who is there, get a video doorbell to give you that functionality.

Motion sensor lights outside the property are a must, especially for people who often arrive home in the dark in the winter months.  If your front path and front door are in darkness it presents a great hiding place for criminals, who can wait in the shadows then force their way in when you unlock the door.  Motion sensor lights make lying in wait difficult, and they also help keep you safe when walking up a potentially slippery path in the dark.

Consider having an automated lighting system in your home.  These app-controlled systems allow you to put lights on, and turn them off, from anywhere in the world.  You can be lounging on a tropical beach somewhere, but still be able to control your lights to make the property seem occupied.  Timers are good, but they don’t accurately reflect the natural movements of people around the home.  A smartphone controlled system lets you do this, and you can have the hallway light turned on before you even have your key in the door.

Those people living alone who are at risk of falling should get an alert button which summons help when it is needed.  Anyone could have an accident (not just falls) around the home, so these are a great idea for the elderly or persons who are unwell that might require help at any time.  It is a good idea to always keep your mobile phone charged and at arm’s length so you can call for help if you need it, for whatever reason.

Our NSI Gold Standard accreditation means that you can feel safe, using us for your security products.  We always design systems around our customers and their lifestyle, so whatever your security needs we can provide the ideal system for you.