Security tips for darker nights

Winter has arrived and with it comes shorter daylight hours and longer nights. We can’t complain too much, after all this past summer holds the joint record for the hottest summer with 1910. What we need to be doing now is checking over our home and business security arrangements to ensure that we’re not giving burglars a free ride under cover of darkness.

Motion sensed security lighting is a must-have for all home and business owners, especially those with sparsely scattered neighbours where street lighting is not effective at illuminating everything, and in some cases may not exist at all in rural areas. The advantages of motion sensor operated lighting is not just restricted to providing better security for your home or business, it also makes the whole area safer for family, staff or visitors as uneven surfaces or low feature walls will be lit up and easy to see.

Motion sensor operated lights can also be a lot more cost effective than switch operated ones that may be left on all night and day – with a motion sensor the lights are only on when someone is moving around and therefore needs illumination and they are off the rest of the time. It’s all too easy to overlook turning outside lights off when going to bed and this can waste a lot of electricity.

We may leave our curtains and windows open during a balmy September or early October night and it can be quite warm here when we get a so-called Indian summer. We need to be careful when leaving curtains open as it gets darker outside, as it is a lot easier for thieves to be able to see in, even with net curtains. If you have the interior lights on you should always be aware that potential burglars can get a good view of who lives in the house and what you own, so take care when the light starts fading. If windows are open in rooms that aren’t often occupied, take care to close these when the light starts fading – if you have a routine for closing curtains and windows you’re more likely to make sure everything is locked up securely and not forget one window at the back which could be used to gain entry.

If you have CCTV at your home, it is a good idea to run a few tests of the footage and see how good a picture you get in low light. If the images are not very clear, or you couldn’t positively identify the person in the footage, then you may want to consider installing security lighting in the areas where your CCTV is recording to ensure that you get all the detail you possibly can on the footage. While burglars may try and sneak round CCTV cameras or motion detectors on lights, they can’t creep by both undetected so it is wise to add another layer of security to be safe. Again, running a test on where the sensors need to be pointing is a good idea and making little adjustments here and there can seal up any gaps in your coverage.

Finally, although Christmas might be a little while away try not to have things delivered to your home if you are going to be out. Unless you have a secure space or a trusted neighbour to take delivery of online orders they are at risk of being stolen from your doorstep, or noted down by thieves looking to steal a whole load of presents in one go – homes are often left unattended in December while people go out for drinks and work meals which is the ideal time for burglars to steal your presents before you even get a chance to wrap them.

We can supply and install CCTV systems and intruder alarms and advise on security lighting locations allowing you to get everything you need for total peace of mind from one company; one you can trust as we have NSI Gold Standard accreditation.