Security System Need To Cover Upstairs Windows

Many people make the mistake of thinking that upstairs rooms are safer than ground floor rooms because they feel burglars won’t bother try and climb up and break in, unfortunately this isn’t the case.

A determined intruder may search your property for ladders, climb onto a flat roof or conservatory roof or stand something attached to your home to try and break in through an upstairs window.  We were recently called out to a home where a burglar had stood on the air conditioning unit to break into an upstairs window.

Bedrooms often contain items of high value such as jewellery, laptops or phones and the chance of a high value reward can be enough for intruders to chance an upstairs window, which is why your security system needs to cover upstairs windows.

There are two kinds of protection we recommend for upstairs windows; movement detectors and shock sensors.

Movement detectors are good for rooms which aren’t used very often and if the room is empty or very rarely used we may recommend a movement detector on the landing, rather than in the room, to pick up someone exiting the room.

A shock detector is the easiest and safest option – it is fitted to windows so it will not be affected by people or animals using the room. will set your burglar alarm off it if picks up a strong, sudden hit to the window or a number of taps, which could be someone trying to break in carefully. It’s possible for a shock detector to scare an intruder off before they have broken the glass, whereas a movement detector would go off once someone was in the room.

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