Security Resolutions For 2022

Looking back at the last 12 months have there been any times when your home or business security was breached?  A breach of security doesn’t have to mean a full on burglary, it could include fly-tipping and littering around your business, signs of someone attempting to break in, petty theft or even just suspicious activity.  Often a pattern of suspicious behaviour ends in a crime, so it pays to be alert to the warning signs and take preventative action.

We think that making some security based resolutions for the new year is a sensible plan, but we also know that many New Year’s resolutions fail within the first month.  Instead of creating a woolly, vague resolution, try setting yourself goals for each month of the year.  Add these tasks to your calendar for a timely reminder and delegate tasks among your staff if that’s appropriate.

One easy resolution you can make is to conduct a monthly audit and security check of your premises.  Look for signs of attempted break ins, broken bulbs in security lights, damaged CCTV cameras, holes in fences and the potential for hiding places behind walls or shrubs.  Prevention is better than a cure, so if you can stop a crime from being possible you’ll stay one step ahead.  During your monthly audit you should also test the security alarm and carry out any regular maintenance or checks we have advised, and review your security footage to check the cameras are still recording high quality images of the right areas.

You may already have some ideas about how you can improve your business security, so turn these into actionable resolutions by making a plan and setting a date for completion.  If you’re at the research stage, then now is the best time to call us and find out from the experts what is available to you, and what’s best for your situation.  We’re not tied to a particular manufacturer so we’ll always advise the most suitable products and systems for you, rather than pushing a particular system because it benefits us. 

It may be time for an upgrade on some or all parts of your security set up, and again we are the people to call because we’ll know the best way to upgrade your products to perform as you need them to, without costing you the earth.  If you’re taking on new premises then we can perform a site survey and look at the existing systems to advise you on the best steps to take.  We’re able to take on the maintenance package of nearly any legacy security system, so a new premise doesn’t have to mean a costly investment in all new kit.

When we make New Year’s resolutions the struggle is to stay on track.  Use goal setting apps or software to help keep you on the right path, alternatively make yourself accountable to provide that extra motivation to complete tasks.  Be realistic about what you can achieve each month and don’t stretch yourself further than is reasonable – many resolutions fail because we bite off more than we can chew and end up overwhelmed.  Track your progress against milestones you set for yourself, and be sure to reward yourself for hitting each monthly target.  We at P&R Alarms wish you the best of luck with your New Year’s security resolutions.