Security arrangements for uncertain times

It can be hard to look back and find a time when things felt more certain – hindsight always makes a situation seem more positive than it actually was at the time, but if one thing is for certain, it’s that we’re in some pretty unstable times at the moment. With reports of crime on the rise, especially violent crime in London, as well as the general beast of Brexit casting doubt on the future of many businesses, thinking about the future can be a daunting prospect.

That is more than enough to worry about, so your security arrangements should not also be a cause for concern. If you are shoring up your business to mitigate against any potential economic risks then the effect of a burglary, fire or even a flood could be catastrophic. Even with the best business insurance in the world the upheaval caused by these events and dealing with the immediate aftermath can lead to a lot of damage, which it can be hard to recover from in a competitive marketplace. Prevention, then, is clearly better than a cure if businesses are to avoid unforeseen events taking their toll.

At the very least all business premises should be fitted with an NSI approved intruder alarm system and your insurance policy will almost definitely require an alarm to be fitted that is certified by the National Security Inspectorate (formerly NACOSS). These systems range from simple keypad entry siren only alarms to RFID operated wireless systems with multiple entry points, 24 hour response monitoring and a smartphone app to provide self-monitoring and receive alerts.

The type of system you require depends on the nature of your business, the location and also the building itself. Older, listed properties may have restrictions on wiring being installed, so a wireless solution can serve both the business needs and that of the premises itself. Companies holding a lot of valuable stock on site and those that are attractive targets for thieves will require the highest levels of security, including CCTV and deterrent equipment like SmokeCloak to deal with the most determined intruders.

A break in is one thing, but a fire can completely destroy a business in a matter of minutes. A smoke alarm system is also likely to be stipulated by your insurance provider and it should be fully compliant with BS 5839, which not only covers the equipment, but the maintenance schedule as well. All of our fire alarm equipment is fully compliant with the regulations and our maintenance service ensures that you are up to standard with your procedures. We can even supply a weekly checklist and training for you to carry out regular checks, which are also a requirement for full compliance with BS 5839.

Like our intruder alarm systems, our fire safety products can also include 24 hour monitoring, with or without CCTV, and can even trigger a direct response from the local fire station. Smoke detection is also offered, and we can integrate a fire alarm system with a sprinkler system for premises, where this is suitable.

If your security and fire detection system could do with an upgrade, a few extra features or a total overhaul, then there is no time like the present to make arrangements. After all, your insurance may pay out for damages and losses incurred during a break in or a fire but business goes on in the meantime; could you afford to take a break in trading to attend to the aftermath of an incident? In serious cases it could take weeks to get up and running again and it is during this time that you will be wishing you had a more effective system in place to mitigate against the risk of a large fire or burglary. Get P&R Alarms on the case today.