Security apps give you peace of mind on the move

Modern life can be busy and demanding, and we now have so many things to remember daily that security is often taken for granted – we shut and lock the front door and move on to the next thing. What happens if, in a hurry, we forget to set the alarm, or we get to our destination and worry that a window was left open? What happens when we are away for an extended period of time, and who is looking out for your property? Even if you have arranged a house or pet sitter, can you really be sure they are looking after your home properly and watering your plants?

With our smart systems you can set, check and monitor your security arrangements, both at home and at work, at the touch of a button. Smartphone apps make controlling your home and business premises incredibly easy – you can check your security camera footage, see when the alarms have been set and disabled and even change the thermostat from the other side of the world. How much more relaxing would your holiday be if you were able to double check the safety of your premises, removing any niggling doubts and leaving you free to enjoy yourself?

For business users, a monitoring facility is great for offices with multiple staff where people may work late. After a long day an employee may forget to set the alarm, or may think they have activated it, when in fact they have not. You can check up on your alarm status in the evening and set the system if has been forgotten about. A timeline shows everything that has happened with regards to the security system, even telling you who has set and unset the alarm.

For domestic users, this provides the same confidence that the alarm system is active, and also allows parents to ensure their kids really do go to college – if they want to stay home and make it look like they went out they’ll have to stay very, very still, so they don’t trip the alarm. Security cameras with motion sensors also allow parents to check up on older kids, see whether deliveries have been made and look out for potential burglars on the prowl. For people with large houses and outbuildings, where they may work or spend the day, the same system can ensure the main house is kept secure while alerting the homeowner to a person approaching the dwelling. Camera footage reveals who the person is, which allows the homeowner to decide whether to answer the door or stay put. Alerts that the system has been unset notify the person that a family member is home, and camera footage can show who it is.

Having an alarm system with the ability to communicate information quickly is a great advantage over systems with no such smartphone integration – they still perform the same function but without the option of monitoring goings on yourself in real time. If you are thinking of having an NSI Gold standard intruder alarm for your home or business, then you should take advantage of these benefits and opt for a system with an app interface. Having alerts sent to you does not mean that the system can’t also alert the emergency services, or that you can’t also have a monitoring system in place for 24 hour presence, because you can still have these features, just with the added bonus of keeping you in the loop at all times as well.

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