Security after Brexit

Like all of our customers, we are eager to know what the outcome of Brexit will be, how it will work and what any transition period entails. It’s incredibly hard to discern between sensible concerns and scaremongering, and there’s no certainty that what appears to be scaremongering, isn’t actually realistic thinking in disguise. With this in mind business and some homeowners are thinking about security in a lot of depth, as the government’s admission that they may use martial law if there is civil disobedience isn’t reassuring anyone.

If we look back to recent periods of rioting in London and in other major cities, and the Yellow Vest protests that are happening on the continent we can see that it doesn’t take much for unrest to break out, and that it’s very hard to quell and contain it when it does. Copycat behaviour sees riots spread from town to town, often motivated not by the original reason for the dissent, but by crime and the potential for stealing valuable items – a practice known as looting. We watched the police struggle to contain and stop these violent outbursts at the time, and with police numbers cut even further since then there’s not much hope that the situation, if it arises, will be dealt with any quicker than it was in 2011.

This isn’t good news for business security, especially retail outlets and other targetable premises where there are things worth taking. Intruder alarms and CCTV will only do so much to protect your business, and during a riot the noise of a burglar alarm going off isn’t going to attract any attention or deter anyone from stealing. CCTV is still valuable here as it was footage from public and private CCTV cameras which helped to identify and prosecute offenders involved in the last riots – facial recognition technology was employed to help analyse the hours of footage and to identify and locate offenders.

To be most effective, CCTV cameras should record to a location off site, so there’s no chance of anyone that breaks in stealing the footage as well. Some systems can stream footage to your phone and store it securely and this should be kept for a period of time before being destroyed in accordance with GDPR. It is also a good idea to protect your security cameras from damage, as if they’re not working then nothing is being recorded. Placing them out of the way is a good start, but if you can disguise them so offenders don’t even know where to look you’ll be laughing.

In a riot situation most security defences are going to be ineffective to some degree. If there’s a whole gang of people looting shops an alarm and a CCTV camera isn’t going to stop them, but there are products out there which can help. SmokeCloak systems, which emit a thick cloud of glycerol based smoke, can stop intruders from stealing things because they can’t see what they are doing. Smartwater systems like the ones used in banks can be helpful too, as they semi-permanently mark the offender with a dye that can’t be washed off.

We can also supply 125 decibel sound emitters which produce noise so loud that criminals have no choice but to run away if they want to keep their hearing. Yes, a burglar alarm is loud and a noise you can’t stand for long, but these sound emitting systems produce a much louder, more strident noise that really is unbearable for more than a few seconds. With that racket going on criminals are likely to move on and leave your place alone.

Hopefully, the threat of martial law being rolled out under a no deal scenario is just a worry and won’t become reality, but if you are concerned about the security of your business under these conditions, or you think the time is right to tighten up your security arrangements give us a call on 01905 799949 and see how we can make your premises as hard to get into as Fort Knox.