Be Secure With a Security System

Installing a security system can go unquestioned for people, as it is seen to be necessary for ensuring the protection of people, their homes and businesses. However, once having a security system installed, a mistake people can often make is underestimating the importance of actually maintaining their security system afterwards.

It is easy to feel at ease once you have your security system installed, after all you have the equipment to keep you safe. However the reality is that the maintenance of your security system is also important to prevent putting your property at risk.

In the scenario of a burglary, the poor maintenance of your security system could cost you. Not only would it have failed to deter the burglars, but insurance companies would not be able to justify any of your claims if your security system was found to have faults. If you do have a monitored security alarm, we suggest regularly servicing your security system to ensure it is working efficiently. In the case of a break in, you want to be sure that your monitored alarm is able to be verified by the monitoring centre as to whether it is a genuine activation or not. As a result, the police, yourself and key holders will be alerted if it is genuine. However without servicing the security alarm, any faults which have gone unnoticed could either activate a false alarm or it may not activate at all, failing to call the police.

The need for regular checks of security systems every 12 months, or 6 months for those with a monitored police calling alarm can be overlooked.

However be sure to have your security system serviced regularly. By doing so, you will not only be made aware of any issues or faults you may have not realised were present, faults will be located and resolved as soon as possible, improving your safety and helping you have peace of mind. Just one example of these faults is your security system going off during a power cut, which should not be the case. Irregular maintenance and leaving your system in a faulty state, means you could run of the risk of your system no longer being able to be repaired, leaving you and your property vulnerable and consequently having to replace rather than repair the system. At P and R Alarms we usually expect well maintained wired security systems to last 20 years, and a wire free security system should last approximately 10 years, however with poor maintenance this could be significantly shorter.

Surprisingly, it isn’t uncommon to find people who fail to actually use their security system regularly. Not only is this making your property an easy target for those opportunists looking to carry out a burglary, but this could also result in further risk of allowing any faults with your security system to be undetected.

Many people are hopeful that their neighbours will pay attention to their security alarms and take action, such as calling the Police or checking on your property, in reality this may not always happen, therefore it is best to be on the safer side of things; be wise and take precautions to secure your property by maintaining your security system so you can be sure of no false alarms.

During a service at P and R Alarms, our engineers will be able to check the battery, electrical connections, detectors and sounders in order to establish whether any faults are present. Our engineers will also be able to detect if any changes to your property have affected the detectors or security system, ensuring your home or business is the safest it could be!

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