Secure Your Outbuildings, Farms and Stables

If you own a farm, stables or a large property with outbuildings, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to keep an eye on your whole property. Unfortunately, it also makes it easy for intruders to break in and leave before you’ve even noticed.

Machinery, vehicles and animal care equipment can be very expensive to replace, not to mention the cost of repairing any damage to your outbuildings or in some cases, replacing livestock.

We have a small menagerie here at P&R Alarms, which allows us to have an understanding of just how costly these things can be.

CCTV systems are a simple way to keep your property, farm, outbuildings and stables safe and secure.

With the increase in rural theft over the past few years, we’ve been installing more and more CCTV systems on farms, stables and in isolated locations. This helps to give property and livestock owner’s peace of mind, knowing that even when they can’t see their property, it’s being monitored by their CCTV system.

Hopefully the cameras themselves will be enough of a deterrent to intruders, but should you need to use your CCTV footage, you’ll be happy to know we only install high quality equipment from the leading brands. This ensures your CCTV footage is both clear and useful and admissible as evidence.

As well as standard CCTV systems, we also install IP CCTV and Monitored CCTV connected to our NACOSS Gold Alarm Receiving Centre, instantly transmitting live images to an operator who can take the appropriate action with audio warn away or contacting the relevant emergency services where appropriate. You can also view and monitor your property from anywhere in the world via the internet.

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