Risk free with NSI NACOSS Gold Security

Not using an NSI NACOSS Gold security installer could result you being faced with some issues.

We recently visited a property with a security system which proved that despite having a high quality system, it will need to be installed by a knowledgeable, NSI NACOSS Gold approved security installer.

A non-registered company had installed a security system in the property, which was high quality and a kind we have installed in the past, but unfortunately it hadn’t been set up correctly. This raised issues for the customer as they had nothing but problems, and also didn’t know how to use it, leaving them worried.

Issues like this aren’t uncommon and prove that you should only ever use an NSI NACOSS approved installer.

If you choose a non-registered installer, you might find that your system isn’t approved by your insurance company, causing issues if you have to make a claim! Some insurance companies will insist that your security system is installed and looked after by a NSI NACOSS Gold approved installer, which will ensure you are able to make a claim.

By not using an NSI NACOSS Gold approved installer could mean your installer is unreliable in being able to provide you with the service you deserve. As a result any complaints you may have could be ignored or the problem may go unsolved.

However, all NSI NACOSS Gold approved installers comply with standards and guidelines, and have to provide a 24 hour service. This means that if your alarm is going off at 2am, you can get in touch with us about any issues you may have!

Furthermore, a NACOSS Gold approved installer have to have a fair complaints procedure. Therefore, if your complaint is ignored, the NSI will act as an independent body to help you resolve your issue as fast as possible.

If you’re having problems with your existing security system or are looking for a new security system for your domestic or commercial problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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