Remember, Remember the Month of November

November – it’s one of the most exciting months of the year in many ways, with autumnal colours all around, bonfire night and fireworks displays, every excuse to eat toffee apples (surely that’s one of your five-a-day?) and cosy nights leading up to Christmas. November is a prime time for shopping, for meeting friends for pre-Christmas drinks and events, not forgetting eating out at a country pub with a roaring long fire keeping you warm. This all sounds lovely, and of course is the plus side to the cold, dark days we experience, but with that comes a drawback – there is an increase in the number of burglaries during November and it is the peak month for break ins.

The reasons November is prime burglary season are pretty straightforward. Firstly, the clocks have gone back and there are a lot more hours of darkness than daylight. Burglars love this because the dark nights provide a level of cover that just isn’t there in the summer. More time to prowl around and less chance of being seen means burglars ramp up activity during this season.

There’s also more to steal in November. Lots of people will have started Christmas shopping and having things delivered which thieves will be paying attention to. They know which houses have brand new goods in, and once they locate the present stash, they have hit the jackpot. Remember how you used to search out your parents’ present stash as a child? Well burglars do this for a living and they’re really good a sniffing out where to look.

During November and leading in to December people become more social again. The summer might be a peak time for parties, barbecues and beach trips but Christmas comes with its own engagements. A lot of us have many friends, family members and workmates to see that we start early, ensuring we can spend time with as many people as possible. This is all lovely, but it does mean we are out of the house more often, and for longer periods, which gives burglars plenty of time to break in and have a good root round for your valuables.

Often, we talk out loud or post on social media about social engagements, which allows anyone to check whether you’re at home or not. It’s far better to post to Facebook once you get home, rather than while you are still out. While you are out it’s important that the house looks occupied. This means leaving some lights on, or putting them on timers, and if possible, also having a car in the drive as an extra deterrent. Leaving the TV or radio on is also a good way of making your home look occupied when it’s empty, and most burglars will move on if they think there’s someone at home – the Christmas classic movie Home Alone is not true to life!

By not advertising your purchases and the times when you’re away you can reduce the chances of your home being burgled. You can make your home extra safe by installing motion activated security lighting around the doors and entranceways to your property, which acts as a deterrent for thieves, as well as providing you with light to find your house keys on a dark evening.

P&R Alarms can advise on and install security lighting for your home, as well as burglar alarms and other home security products to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure. We are accredited by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) to Gold Standard, and the products we use have undergone rigorous testing, to ensure they are the best on the market, so our customers get peace of mind and top-notch security.