Read Your Security Small Print

Read the Small Print; Don’t Get Caught Out By Hire Agreements

We’re increasingly hearing stories of customers being ‘held to ransom’ by their security system installers when they discover that they were only hiring their control equipment.

Last month a new Domestic customer joined P&R Alarms and we were told the  previous home owners had a security system installed. However, the new owners were fed up with the installer continuously increasing their monthly charges for exactly the same service.

When they gave notice to cancel their contract they were surprised to discover that they didn’t own the control equipment in their home. As a result, the company wanted to remove the control panel and keypad themselves. This meant the home-owners would need to pay to have a new control panel and keypad installed.

Unfortunately stories like this are nothing new to us and we regularly hear it from our new domestic and commercial customers. This is a way of encouraging you to stay with them as you’ll be put off by the cost to replace your control equipment; so we urge you to make sure you read the small print on your agreement before signing.

If you have a security system installed by P&R Alarms Ltd you will own the control panel and keypad. This means that if you or any future home owners decide to move to another security company, you wouldn’t have to worry about us removing your control equipment.

If you already have a security system installed and are unhappy with your existing security company, we are able to take over maintaining and repairing non-P&R Alarms security systems.

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