Protect Your Property with Smoke Cloak

If you’ve ever had anything stolen, whether it’s from your home or business, you’ll understand how distressing and devastating it can be, which is why we offer Smoke Cloak to work alongside your existing alarm system for extra security.

Smoke Cloak offer powerful smoke and fog generators which are able to fill a room with smoke or fog within seconds, instantly protecting your property, stock or belonging. As well as this, Smoke Cloack offer long-lasting protection by producing smoke or fog for at least 45 minutes after the intruder alarm has detected a break-in.

This device is useful in reducing the risk of theft as the intruder’s vision will be restricted from the fog, resulting in them forced to leave the property.

Furthermore, the Smoke Cloak DNA’s is a device which work by releasing a unique DNA marker when the smoke or fog is ejected. Therefore the DNA Markers from the fog will cover a large area of the property, marking the stolen items and the intruders skin/clothing, providing a clear forensic link between the intruder and stolen items.

Smoke Cloaks are most often used in warehouses or businesses which hold expensive stock and products. However, they can also be installed into your home; for example we recently installed a Smoke Cloak for a client who repeatedly had expensive bikes stolen.

If your business has something of high value or there is some property at home you’d want to protect such as expensive valuables, get in touch and ask us about installing a Smoke Cloak.

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