Protect Your Electronic Devices Against Theft


Many of us have electronic devices such as a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet etc. and due to their high value and popularity, they are an easy target for thieves.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of your electronics being stolen and improve the chances of them being recovered!

Reduce the risk of your electronics being stolen:

Don’t leave them in view
There are times where you may get distracted and leave your valuables in view of the window. However you should only put valuables down in a safe place that’s hidden from view when you aren’t using them.
Similarly, don’t leave electronics on view in your car. If you have a Sat Nav remember to regularly wipe off the marks the suction pads leave on your window as it can indicate to thieves that there may be a Sat Nav in your car.
When you’re out and about make sure that your devices are hidden as much as possible. If you are keeping things in a pocket try to make sure it’s a pocket with a zip.

Use security markers
Mark all of your valuables with a security marker and write your postcode and house number, so that the police can return it to you if recovered. Putting a sticker on devices making it aware that it has a security marker may put off putting for thieves as it makes it harder to sell.

Use tracking software
Some phones and tablets come with tracking software built-in and it’s important to set this up as soon as possible. If your phone doesn’t have tracking software pre-installed, there are plenty of apps available.
You can also get tracking software for laptops now.
Another sticker on the device telling thieves it has tracking software on it could also put them off.

Get a laptop lock
A few seconds is all a thief needs to steal your laptop. If you’re using your laptop in a public place, buy and use a laptop lock which will attach your laptop to the desk.

Set secure passwords / passcodes on all of your devices

If your electronic device allows you to set up a password / passcode, make sure you do it immediately.
It’s tempting to make an easy password to remember, but these can be easy for thieves to guess. Here are a few methods you can use to create a secure and memorable password.

Back things up
Our phones and laptops often contain lots of important things such as images, videos, music or documents, so losing device also means you lose your documented memories or important information. It’s quick and easy to do!

Don’t let your device remember your passwords
Re-entering passwords each time you use a website isn’t as nearly as annoying as knowing you’ve given easy access to a thief to everything you use. This can have very serious implications if your electronic devices remember your bank details.

Get insurance
Your electronic devices may be covered for theft by your home or car insurance. If not take out additional insurance so that you can get a replacement if it’s stolen.

Home security system
As well as protecting your valuables, a security system is about making you feel safe in your own home. Make sure you are always using your security system when you are out of the house to ensure your valuables inside are safe, or you’re able to make a claim to recover them.

What happens if my phone, laptop or other electronic device is stolen?
In the unfortunate event that you have an electronic device stolen, there are a few things you can do to increase the changes of it being recovered.

Improve the chances of your electronics being recovered:

Report it to the Police
If something has been stolen notify the police as soon as possible.

Notify your phone carrier
Your phone carrier can do a couple of things to help you, including; blocking your phone so it’s unusable on their network, help you get a replacement and give you the phones IMEI number which you can give to the police.

Call your insurance company
Let your insurance company know that your device has been stolen and they can begin helping you get a replacement.

We believe that the best approach to protecting your devices is to do as many of the above as possible. It doesn’t make your devices 100% safe but it reduces the risk of theft and means that if a device is stolen it’s more likely you will get it back.

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