What Happens at a P&R Alarms Site Survey?

Here at P&R Alarms we take great pride in tailoring our security systems to our customers’ exact needs, which is why we carry out a site survey instead of giving you a quote over the phone.

When we arrive at a property we will carry out a risk assessment to determine the type and European Grade of system you require by asking a few questions.

To make sure the security system meets your needs, we will ask you what your criteria are and how you want the system to work, for example:

  • Does your system need to work with pets?
  • Do part of your security system need to work independently?
  • What do you want the system to do in the event of activation?
  • Do you want an audible only system, a system which dials your mobile or sends a signal through to the control center for emergency services response?

Another thing we need to look at is insurers’ requirements; we’ve found that most commercial and more and more domestic alarm systems are requested by insurance providers. If this is the case we need to know if they have asked for anything specific to avoid any policy issues.

We will then survey the property so we understand the layout and area’s which need to be covered and look at whether there are any areas which are more high risk than others.

On average a domestic site survey takes around 30 minutes, slightly longer if there are lots of questions, and we find a commercial site survey takes slightly longer.

Once we’ve carried out a site survey at the property we return to our office to prepare a full system specification and quotation.

We don’t do a one page quote or just give a price; our system design will detail every single piece of equipment, where it will be located and what it will do during day to day operation and of course, what it will do when the system is activated.

You will then receive all of the available options and will be able to choose which option is best for you.
At P&R Alarms we don’t just sell an alarm or a security system, we provide a service right from an initial enquiry through to on-going support.

If you’d like a site survey to be carried out on your property, get in touch.  You can do this by calling us or fill in the contact form on our website.

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