Our Services

At P&R Alarms limited, our services are not just limited to providing you with Alarms systems. We offer many other services to ensure the safety of your home or business is not compromised.

We are able to provide you with all types of electronic security and fire systems to ensure your safety is not at risk.

Some of these include “Smoke Cloak” which is a system connected to the intruder alarm system that generates fog and smoke. This system is very beneficial as the lack of visibility could force the intruder out of the premises before they take any of your possessions.

Another system includes ‘intolerable sound emitters’ which can produce unbearable audio up to 125 Decibels, making it impossible for an intruder to even make an attempt at taking any of your possessions.

Our other services include:


CCTV: Closed Circuit Television systems

How many times have you seen grainy CCTV on the news with completely unrecognisable pictures? The key is the right equipment at a competitive price.

P&R Alarms are able to fit in high quality CCTV equipment using new or existing network infrastructure with powerful images and quick efficient search tools; whether it’s for domestic or industrial/commercial purposes.

We install a wide range of professional CCTV systems. From a simple camera allowing you to see the person on the other side of the front door, to full High Definition surveillance of your property with 24 hour digital recording with remote IP access via a laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Our highly effective remote monitored CCTV systems are supplied by a variety of market leading brands; as a result providing you with high quality live images 24/7. Therefore, in the unfortunate case of a break-in, the CCTV is able to capture evidence which will be useful when reporting the incident.

In addition to this, we are able to service and monitor your systems with live images 24/7 at our NSI NACOSS Gold alarm-receiving centre.


Access Control Systems

We are committed to providing new technological innovations in the field of Access Control.

We are able to suit your needs and design a system appropriate for you. We are able to design anything from a standalone system through to a PC based system called “Net2”.  With Access control, safety is increased as it gives you the benefit of easy additional security. We use an intuitive and straightforward system called Paxton Access Systems.

Access Control ranges from:

  1. Intruder Alarm Integration – Nominating people to have permission to set and unset intruder alarm.
  2. SMS/Email Messaging – Net2 software can send SMS or emails when a trigger event occurs.
  3. View IP Camera Images – Able to view who is at the door before letting them in, and viewing what is happening throughout building.


  1. Fire Alarms

At P&R alarms we are able to design, install, supply and maintain a wide range of fire alarm systems. The systems we design comply with the requirements of your fire risk assessments, as required under the fire regulatory reform order.

We are able to carry out contracts – small and large – with our services including fire alarm system design, installation, maintenance which range from single zone control to multi-site addressable systems. If any additional work is undertaken, P&R Alarms Ltd are able to issue a week sheet and test certificate. Furthermore, we are able to provide fire detection with monitoring for Fire Brigade response.

Intruder Alarms

We provide all types of electronic security systems which range from audible only systems (where the sirens inform your neighbours of any detection) to fully monitored alarms with Police response.

At P&R alarms, we install and maintain every system to the latest European Standards, meeting the requirements of all insurance companies.

Additional services to the intruder alarm system include:

-Carbon Monoxide Detection
-Flood Detectors
-Heat and Smoke Detectors

We are also able to connect your system to our hosted cloud solution, giving you effective control of your alarm when you’re away from your home or business through your smart phone/tablet. This works by notifications being sent to your device, alarming you of any events on the system.

In order to establish the type and grade of system you require, a short risk assessment can be taken which is a free consultation and survey, taking around 30-45 minutes.

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