Operation Yellowhammer – should homeowners and business owners worry about the predicted rise in crime?

At the time of writing the Brexit issue hasn’t been resolved, although it is looking more and more likely that we may or may not be leaving soon, without a deal in place. Whether you subscribe to the view that warnings of civil unrest are “project fear”, or you’re genuinely worried about the effect of food, medication and fuel shortages, there’s no getting past the fact that the government’s own documentation advises that there is a serious risk of this happening. For business owners and homeowners in the Midlands the fear that their property could be at risk in a no-deal scenario is something that can’t be easily swept under the rug, so what can be done to protect your business and your home if things start to unravel?

Firstly, it should be said that many of these precautions are common sense things all business owners should be doing to keep their premises and stock safe and not necessarily just due to the potential risk of rioting (if we cast our minds back to the Tottenham riots in 2011, we can see how easy it is for situations to get out of control and for violence to spread across the country in just a few days). Barricades, emergency food, water and cooking fuel stockpiles are for worst case scenario planning but that’s also not to say that these aren’t precautions worth taking if it eases your mind.

CCTV is a must for Midlands based business owners. It was thanks to CCTV footage and facial recognition technology that many of the looters from the 2011 riots were identified and prosecuted; with over 1,100 cases going to trial of the 3,000+ arrests made in the days following the violence. If you’re concerned about a power outage affecting your CCTV then fear not, as many systems come with a backup battery, which will keep it running even if the lights go out. It is also possible to have your recordings monitored and stored off site, so the footage will still exist even if the physical system is vandalised or broken. Most CCTV cameras now can withstand being run over by a lorry, so it will take a lot to break one – having said that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and an off-site monitoring service ensures your feed is watched even when you’re not there.

Fog systems which release a thick but non-toxic fog are also ideal for protection against looting – if you can’t see it you can’t steal it. Access control systems can also be used to provide a high degree of security for certain areas of your premises that house cash, valuable stock or expensive equipment. Internal CCTV is also recommended as an extra level of security inside.

Homeowners in the Midlands may not have to worry about looting, but smaller scale burglaries could still be a problem. The basic advice is to keep valuables hidden from sight, always set your alarm when going out and be aware of suspicious activity or general unrest which could boil over. The idea that you’ll be fighting over the last tin of beans at the corner shop is pretty out there as predictions go, but as we don’t know what’s going to happen it is better to be safe and prepared than not.

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