Only NSI NACOSS Gold Approved Security

Choosing a security company isn’t just about price. It is also about how competent the company is, who you’re letting into your property, what happens in the event of a dispute and whether they’ll be around in a years time, which is why we’re NSI NACOSS gold approved.
The NSI (National Security Inspectorate) helps to protect and reassure business/home-owners by auditing and approving security installers who meet industry standards.

By choosing an NSI NACOSS Gold approved security company you will get the following:

A guarantee of security

All installers who are NSI NACOSS Gold approved receive security checks and are screened to BS 7858 which involves looking at their full working history, checking for criminal records, getting valid references and making sure they are who they say they are.

Here at P&R Alarms we contract an independent full 10 year history security check on all of our staff; including office workers, installers and company directors.

A guarantee of stability

When investing in a security system, you want stability with your installers so you know they will be around for years in the event of any issues with your system occurring.

With NSI NACOSS Gold approved installers must submit their accounts or provide a two year business plan along with evidence of financial backing, and management capability, to prove that the company won’t disappear overnight leaving you in a difficult position.

A guarantee of insurance cover

If you choose a NSI NACOSS Gold Installer you will be covered by efficacy cover in the unlikely event that your security system fails to work in the event of a break-in.

An independent body to act on your behalf in the case of a dispute

A requirement of an NSI NACOSS Gold installer is that they must set up and offer their customers a fair and reasonable complaints procedure – also keeping a record of every complaint they receive. However, in the case of an issue not being resolved, you can complain directly to NSI who will act independently to resolve the issue between you and the security company.

A guarantee of competence
By selecting an NSI NACOSS Gold installer will ensure that the security installers will conduct themselves appropriately, providing you with a high standard of work.
You will also be choosing a company who comply with the appropriate standards and guidelines of safe practices meaning you’ll be provided a high level of service and workmanship.
Direct Police response
Some insurance companies will request that the Police respond directly to your alarm in the event of activation. However the Police will only respond to alarm systems which have been installed and maintained by companies who are enrolled with recognised inspectorates, such as NSI.

In order to ensure your chosen security company is providing you with a high level of service only ever choose an NSI NACOSS Gold installer.

P&R Alarms are approved NSI NACOSS Gold Installers.

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