How night setting works on your burglar alarms

Unfortunately not everyone sets their burglar alarms at night, putting themselves at risk. This can often be due to people not knowing how to use the night setting on their burglar alarm.

If you’re a victim of burglar, the first thing your insurance company will do is ask for a copy of the alarm log to make sure your security system was switched on at the time and that is being used regularly. Therefore if an incident were to occur during the night and you had failed to use the night setting on your burglar alarm, this can void your insurance policy, meaning you cannot make a claim if you needed to.

As well as when you are leaving the house (even if it’s for a couple of minutes), we also highly recommend for people to use the night setting every night. Just as you are going around, checking if all windows and doors are locked each night, add switching your burglar alarm to your routine.

So, how does the night setting work on my burglar alarm?

Night set routines can be programmed to your exact needs on your burglar alarm. For example, you may have pets that sleep in the kitchen. If this is the case, the night setting will allow you to programme to turn the kitchen movement detectors off but arm the remaining ones around the house.

You could also use shock sensors on the windows and doors in the kitchen while movement detectors are off which can also be turned as part of the night setting. This means that if you went on holiday and took your pets, the movement and shock sensors in the kitchen could be both turned on, meeting your needs.

As part of the night setting, movement sensors on the landing and in bathrooms are generally turned off, allowing you to exit your room to the bathroom without the alarm going off. However shock senors are windows in those rooms is advisable – especially those which overlook a flat roof or balcony.

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