New Year’s Security Resolutions

It’s time to think about your New Year’s resolutions, and while the most popular ones are quitting smoking or drinking, getting fit or losing weight, and learning something, new these resolutions are easy to fail at – 75% of resolutions have been ditched by the end of January, and only 20% are successful in the long term. We’re not sure if this is because many of them are made after a few drinks when we’re not thinking realistically, or because cake, wine and chocolate are so tasty, but with this information in mind we thought that a good resolution to make would be one that directly benefits you – your home security. It’s also worth bearing in mind that we’re more likely to achieve something we want to do by approaching it in stages and setting a series of smaller goals, which all lead towards the end goal.

If you don’t already have a burglar alarm, your New Year’s resolution could be to get one installed. Breaking this down into stages means you could research what’s out there in the first week of January, contact a reputable, NSI Gold Standard accredited supplier in the second week and arrange a visit for the third week. By the fourth week of January you could have your burglar alarm installed and working and you will have achieved your resolution within a month. The next step is to remember to use it and get your maintenance and service visits booked in and you’re well on the way to tight security.

Perhaps CCTV is something you’ve considered as an extra boost to your home or business security? Why not make your resolution to install CCTV, and even see if it could save you money on your insurance policy? Your first step could be to contact your insurance provider and see whether there is a discount available, and then look at the cost savings versus the cost of installing a system. Your second step would be to contact us to arrange a consultation and discover what’s available, and your third step could be the installation phase.

If you want to make a free New Year’s resolution then you could decide to do a home audit by asking a friend or relative to see if they can break in, or if they can see items worth stealing easily. This useful exercise identifies security flaws you may not notice and the resulting changes can help improve the security of your home and valuables. Another free or low-cost resolution is to make your garden a terrible place to hide and although this might ruin hide-and-seek games, it does mean your garden isn’t a good place for criminals to hide out, either to rob your property or to hide after burgling a neighbour.

There’s some food for thought to mull over while you make your plans for 2020, and if you need any further information or you want to get started on your security resolutions then please call us on 01905 799949.